Painted Rocks

August went out with a bang with rains, winds
and tornado warnings and September came
in with a steady rain all day. 

Temps never got above 65 today.
Where Tennessee is getting rain from
Harvey, California is getting hot temps
that rose up the San Diego way. My
son sent me this text showing me the 
temp there today. 

Do you see it....104!

But since I had no intentions of going 
out today due to the yucky rainy day, 
I stayed in and painted on rocks.
I really love painting these and dropping
them for 615 Rocks.

A ragged heart. 

This one will be dropped closer
to Halloween. 

This one also. 

I actually made this one sometime 
ago and forgot about it. 

I love black and white.

Then there is the gold!

An apple a day.

And my fav!

I also decided after going back and forth for 
some time now on my Christmas card. 

I need to get started on that....I need to get
commission pieces done....I need to work on 
cross stitch ornaments.....I need, I need, I need....

and I wish....mine
never seemed to 
be even.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
I'll bet you are busier since you retired, huh?

Do you put a sealer on the rocks or use paint that will withstand the damp?
Cute rocks - love the Halloween one! 104 is too darn hot for me. I am so looking forward to fall and a little rain. We are parched here in WA state. Love the eyeliner quote :) Happy September. xx K
Sandra said…
I like the smiley and the animals prints for my 3 top favorites in rocks. our temps have not been below 80 for months.. I would love to see 65 degrees. about my 44 pounds, my goal is to lose to 60, so a few more to go, maybe by the end of the year, since it is about 1 pound a week... the lower I go the harder it gets... if I don't get to my goal I am perfectly happy as is.
Ann said…
I love all your rocks. I totally understand the whole I need I need I need.
Rhodesia said…
Lovely rocks and a great selection. Have a good day Diane
Sally said…
The painted rocks seem to be the latest fad, and yours are lovely. :)
Darla M Sands said…
Nice paint jobs! I hope you're having a wonderful day.
Liz A. said…
Pretty rocks. (Yes, it's been miserable in CA. I'm so grateful for a working air conditioner.)

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