Death and a Birthday

Monday I put on a cute dress, fixed my 
hair and applied my makeup...
I actually sort of miss doing that daily.

But I did it this day because I was
headed to the funeral home.
A school mate past with cancer.

Terry Pilote, he was my oldest brothers
age, 60. I met all the Pilote boys
during our years at 
DuPont High but I more
or less went to the funeral 
home for Terry's sister in law, 
Tonya. Tonya and I went to 
school together from 2nd till
we graduated. I was also there
for Terry's dad, Flo. 
I met Flo about 4 or 5
years ago when I was dating
Chris. Chris has a side job repairing
small motors like golf carts, go carts,
saws, weedeaters but mostly mowers. 
Flo had a four wheeler that needed 
repairing. He would show up most
days just to hang around at the 
garage. Such a sweet older man. 

Flo came to Nashville many years ago
from Canada where he played
hockey. He was one for the first 
hockey players for the first team that
Nashville had, the Nashville Flyers. 

His son's, Cary, Mark and Terry
were also big into hockey also. 
Flo lost his brother just two days
before he lost his son Terry. 

I feel for him and his family 
right now. 

That night I was just chilling on 
the couch when Lily decided 
she wanted to love on me.

Then she passed out!

Now on a lot better note....
today my youngest grandson is
7 years old today. 

Braden in the 

I took this shot of him.

Kids just love to get in whatever
they are playing with.

Such and adorable baby.

And always messy!

This is him last yr on field day.
I went to his event with him.

And here is his nana at about the same
age! Yep...the toothless grinning one
in the middle. 
The taller girl is my cousin Kathy and
the smaller one is Tammy. She is the one
I was hanging out with at the 
Redneck Rumble.
They live in Georgia. 

This is a pic of my oldest
grandson Caleb...
compared next to my pic.

Thanks for stopping in,



Ann Thompson said…
So very sorry for the loss of your friend. Happy birthday to your grandson
Sharon Qualls said…
One of the bad things about getting older is losing so many of our friends. My sympathies.

Happy Birthday to Braden!
Sally said…
Always sad to hear about a death; I'm sorry for the friends and family. And, to lose a brother then a son so close together must be extremely difficult.

Your grands are so cute!

Liz A. said…
So sad about your friend. Happy birthday to your grandson.
Billie Jo said…
So sorry for the loss of your friend.
And Happy Birthday to your grandson.
Time passes so quickly, doesn't it?
Sandra said…
sorry to hear you had to attend a funeral, and condolences to the family. I must say with Lily you will never be bored or lack fodder material for a blog. she is just toooo cute. now that I read this post I realize it is rare for me to dress up....
Darla M Sands said…
I feel for Flo. You look beautiful, by the way. And such a lovely family. I'm surprised Dakota wasn't in any of these photos. How is the king doing? ~grin~ I hope all is well today.
Rhodesia said…
Funerals are always difficult especially cancer victims, they have a tough time to deal with the end of their life as well.
Happy birthday to your grandson. Take care Diane
Sorry about the passing of your friends.
Your grandson is so cute. Hope he had a nice birthday!

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