You all know that me having a 
kitten and or cat is all
new to me.

But...I am learning a lot of what
I have heard all my life.
I don't own her
she owns me.
I don't love on her or
pet her unless SHE
wants it. 

But in the few months she has
been with Dakota and I, we
could not think of life 
without her. She makes us
She has brought me many 
laughs so far.

This is her this week at my
brothers house. She has no
fear of  Oakley (seen in 
pic with her) or the other
2 labs and one collie mix. 

But when she gets tired
she still seeks out her bud, 
her adopted brother, Dakota.

Talk about no fear....

She is not at all 
afraid of TJ either. 

Matter of fact I think she wishes
he would come on down 
off that cage.

While getting ready in the morning
she decided to jump up on 
the bathroom counter and
visit with me....even
taking over the sink!

And oh my gosh.....
how photogenic she is!!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Liz A. said…
Looks like you have a submission for cats in sinks ;)
Hahaha! She DOES indeed own you! I love the pictures of her on the sink -- Miss Star of the Day lol. Too cute!
Sharon Qualls said…
Yep, you've got it! She does own you and you better submit! She has acquired 'Queen' status.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, what a cute kitten. It is nice that the dogs and kitty all get along. Cute photos.
Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
Jeanie said…
I'm so happy you have fallen into cat love. She's so pretty -- love her curious face, always looking, discovering! Those big kitten eyes just charm me every time. She's adorable.
She is so cute and I'm glad she has become a part of your family. We are allergic here so we can't have cats.
Rhodesia said…
She is so cute. I have a husband who is allergic to them :-( Keep well Diane

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