Halloween and Fall Colors

 Got out the other day and
went to Target. 

Check out what I found.

Oh my....to have a little girl grandbaby
to dress like this. 

Stopped at the Big Bad Wolf for
Grilled chicken and potato salad.

Then later that evening 
I went with my niece cause she 
had to exchange somethings then
we had dinner. 
Took some pics while she 
took care of business. 

Now I need to go somewhere to pick
cotton....never thought of using it
for a wreath!

I LOVE all these colors!

Got home from dinner and found this
laying on the floor.
Oakley apparently decided that
he wanted bread. 
Only two pieces had been used 
before he got hold of it.
There was not even a crumb
on the floor. 

I came home yesterday! 
There's no place like home.

A penny for your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping in, 


Jan said…
Hi Pam! What a wonderful post.
I am in the Halloween and Autumn mode 24/7, 365 days a year 🎃👻
I have a Great-Granddaughter that I love buying outfits for...like dressing up my dolls when I was growing up.
Have a nice weekend 🍁💮🍂
Rhodesia said…
LOL Oakley was hungry. Enjoy your Sunday, Diane
Denise inVA said…
Oh Pam, the bread on the floor reminds me of the prized Jerky hubs brought all the way down from New England from a business trip, raving about how good it was. Our dog somehow got it off a very tall chest of drawers and chomped on three large packets, nothing left, zilch! :) Flabbergasted and yet we saw the funny side of it too. Where there's a will there's a way. Enjoyed your photos very much, thank you!
NanaDiana said…
Oh- No---at least your dog didn't eat it bag and all. My neighbor's dog ate the plastic wrapper along with the bread and let me tell you---it wasn't pretty later on. lol

Love those fall colors, too, Pam. Very festive and fun. Hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana
Sally said…
You found some colorful things, Pam! Have you noticed that owls have become popular, or am I behind times? My 5 y/o great granddaughter loves them. :)

I always enjoy reading what you're up to.

Sharon Qualls said…
That wreath with cotton is a cool idea, perfect for any winter project.
I wonder if Oakley got a tummy ache from all that bread.
Liz A. said…
I guess he wanted bread! You'll just have to hide it better ;)
Ann said…
I rarely go to Target. The one we have here isn't really in a convenient location for me. I can't believe all that fall stuff is marked down already. Cool idea with the wreath.
If Gibbs was big enough that he could reach the counter he would be eating stuff left out too.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, they do have some pretty fall decorations. I like the owls! I am glad the plastic wrapper was not eaten.

Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!
Jeanie said…
I love my Fiesta dishes. Retired them for the summer for something lighter but they're back! Nice display.
Rain said…
Oh gosh Pam, I laughed so hard at the empty bread bag...I've seen that before too! We had to rig up our garbage with bungee cords so that the dogs wouldn't pilfer it when we went out. Those dishes look fabulous! I'm into the Halloween spirit too...I can't wait to start all of my decorating ideas for this year! :)

Good to be home isn't it? :)
Red Rose Alley said…
I just went to Target today. Don't ya just love that store? I was just thinking that there's no other place quite like Target, where you can get everything you need in one store. It's awesome! Love all the Fall colors.


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