Event for Pet Community in Nashville

I mentioned back post ago that
I was going to be in an event
to raise money for the 
Pet Community 
Nashville by 
getting a booth and selling
stuff. Then with a bad weekend
with my Fibro I decided
that I just could not do a 
booth. Would not have been
able to have things made and
never knew if I could show
that night, depending on the
But....I still said I would 
volunteer that night if I 
could and I would help
Theresa with her project.

So Sunday we spent the day
working on that.

Theresa is supplying a back drop 
for photos.
So we drew and cut out
Nashville buildings.

The Batman Bldg.

The Parthenon

Ryman (old Grand Ole Opry Bldg)

And the bridge

We got them ready to apply to an orange
background but we will do that 
the night of the event and hang
the background. Folks will be able
to stand there and have their pic made.

The event is called~
Behind the Mask:
Hero or Villain 

We will be dressing as either
a hero or villain and 
folks that come are invited
to do the same. 

Check it out here.


I will be dressing as 
Poison Ivy 
the Batman movie.

But with lack of my own 
makeup and movie team I
will not look this good. 

I picked up a green dress at
Goodwill, I have ivy pieces
to attach to my legs, arms,
headband, my earrings and a
necklace out of. I just need
to pick up a red wig. 
You know there will be 
pics to follow the

Found this sometime ago and 
found it rather funny.

I found my makeup team!

Love this pic. It was taken back
when I worked in Photo Services.
To the left is Jed, chief photographer,
looking at retirement in the next yr or
two. Me of course, much younger, dark
(dyed) hair. And Phil, my bud. 
Phil is with the TBI now, went over
6 months before I did. 

Thank you for stopping in for
a visit be sure and return,


Rhodesia said…
Looking forward to the Poison Ivy photo, should be fun. Take care and look after yourself. Diane
Sharon Qualls said…
At least you will be helping the community! Should be fun.
Rain said…
Oh that's a very cute photo at the end! I think the charity event is wonderful, a lot of the time pets are forgotten. I think you'll make a fine Poison Ivy! :)
eileeninmd said…
I like the cute photo of you are the end. Sorry you were in pain, I hope you feel better now.
Enjoy your day and the week ahead!
Liz A. said…
It's too bad you couldn't get someone to man a booth for you, but if you don't have time to make items, then this is good. You gotta do what you can do, right?

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