Still House Sitting

Playing around with the camera
around the pond.

I have waited for three days
to catch a shot of this 

Once I got the dogs in I was able
to watch for him. 
Caught these shots through
the window on the front door.

Caught in flight! 

So many hummers but then again
Ray, my oldest brother has
4 feeders. 

If you look close you will see that 
this one has a hint of a ruby

Leaving my brothers house 
yesterday I see this pretty
at the bend in the drive.

Love the giant sunflower!

It was sprinkling and this
baby was hiding under the 

Ray lost all the fish in 
his pond recently, no
clue what happened but...
he has frogs and turtles in it 
now. Check out the tadpole!

This was a tiny babe that hopped
past my foot while I was walking
around the pond.

But this was not a tiny babe..
he was about the size of my fist.

Guessing the wasp were bathing or 
drinking the water.

Lily, Dakota and I headed home
for a bit yesterday. I had some
things I needed to do there.
Mom came and picked up Dakota
and he stayed last night and tonight
at her house. 
Lily entertains herself and is
so much fun. 

I love shooting after a rain.

Someone has been chowing down!

Yesterdays sunset.

Thanks for stopping in to visit, 


Ann said…
Your brother's house is a photographers dream with all the things to take pictures of. But then again if you put a camera in ones hand they can find things worth taking pictures Love all the shots.
Sandra said…
you have all the things I love to see, kitties and deer and birds and bees, what a beautiful place to house sit
Denise inVA said…
You captured many delightful scenes with your camera Pam. Thank ou, all very enjoyable.
Rhodesia said…
Lovely post and great to see the wild life around you there. I really enjoyed this thanks for sharing. Take care Diane
Darla M Sands said…
Gorgeous! I sometimes wish we got more than the ruby-throated hummingbird in our area, but they are prolific! As far south as you are, I think we share much of the same flora and fauna. ~grin~ Hope you feel great and are enjoying a pleasant Sunday.
Sharon Qualls said…
Nice nature shots!
Sally said…
Oh, these are wonderful photos, Pam! You sure have a good eye for photography. :)

Great pictures! I especially like the sunflower ones.
Red Rose Alley said…
These are great pictures of nature, Pam. That little fellow looks like the one on my post today. The sunflowers, the hummingbird, the frog, all delightful.....and that deer! I think the deer is very special, and I stop and gaze when I come across one. That sunset is so pretty.

Liz A. said…
Great shots. Have you selected your spot for the eclipse yet? I'm assuming you'll shoot it.

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