Random Posting Including a Flare

This has been me for the 
last week...
esp the last few days.

I had a Fibro flare up.
Last week while at my brothers
I just laid around and I slept
a lot. The fatigue that goes with it
is horrible. 

And yes....I miss the person 
I used to be. 

1.5 yrs ago the doc told me that 
I had to except that I was not
who I used to be....that I had 
to let go.

WOW....I knew this stuff but it was
sort of a smack in the face to 
hear that from a doc.

And yes....I find myself saying this.

Anyway, at Kroger the other day I 
saw these. I love fall and I love
Halloween! Now that I feel
a little better I plan on making
some stuff for the house.

I think I mentioned that I would be
doing a fund raiser for the
Pet Community and I had
started getting some things ready
for that but after this flare I 
realized I might not be able
to make that. 
It is hard to plan ahead for things
like this cause you never
know how you will be feeling.
I pulled out of the event.

Now, since I felt some better 
yesterday I went to craft room
that I am trying to organize...haha
what a chore.
I located this office piece that
I saved for something I 
saw on Pinterest.

Hoping this helps keep these items organized.

Saw this on FB...
Which would you like the

Me I think I am drawn to B
the most.

Last but not least on this 
random post...
my brother got my sis in law
a Plasma cutter for Christmas.
Her and my brother made this
metal sign for the community
that my sis in law is from
in Franklin NC. 

Her brother and sis in law painted
it since it was all metal and 
the community helped to
hang it. 

Nice job!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sally said…
I think about you, Pam, and it hurts me to know you hurt. You have a great attitude though, and are so resourceful with so many talents.

Mentioning the pumpkins, a couple of weeks ago when the greats were here, I bought the two little's (one a witch and the other a ghost) that lit up and made eerie loud noises. I'm not sure if I got them for their pleasure or for the fact it would drive my daughter and granddaughter nuts. :)

Sharon Qualls said…
No favorite sun room - I would take any I could get.
Very neat sign!
Sandra said…
nice sign and it looks like artist genes run in your family. I like B best to but would have to go with the two without steps. I would love to have one, we call them Florida rooms down here.
Jeanie said…
I'm so behind on reading and commenting but I had to make sure to stop in today and give you a thumbs up of hope for release from your fibro flare up. Never fun, never good, but you are game to share it and I hope things ease off very quickly indeed.
Rhodesia said…
Think I am drawn to C. Sorry about your fibro attack. I think you appear to manage it very well. Take care Diane
Ann Thompson said…
I cant imagine what that must be like to have the flare ups.
As for the sun rooms, I would take any of them but I like B or C the best
Oh Pam I'm so sorry you have to put up with flare ups. You are making the most of it and I admire that in you. Stay strong.♥
Liz A. said…
I'm so sorry. I hope you're feeling better now.
Darla M Sands said…
Sorry you had to pull out of the event. But I think you are smart to have done so. Take care. ~hugs~ Oh, and you'll laugh at this but when I read 'plasma cutter' I could only think it had something to do with blood at first. Ha!
CrystalChick said…
I'm sorry for your difficulties with Fibro, hope you're feeling better real soon.
I like all of those sun rooms. We have one on the front of our small bungalow. It's a catch all room lately, but want to get it cleaned up and enjoy some Fall reading out there! My fav season!
Luna Crone said…
For Summer C

For Winter D


So sorry for your health issues. -sigh-

That advice of, not being able to be the person, one once was, sounds like old age, too. :-) I did not have as much trouble with that, as my husband. He is still fighting with the idea that he can't do as much as he once could. -grin- But he is getting better. I am 80 and he is 84.

Luna Crone

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