No Place Like HOME

Last night was my last night
to house sit for my brother and
sis in law. 

I have done this many, many years for 
them but going home today with 
my stuff and fur babies....

this is how I felt!

I am a Wizard of Oz fan....have been
all my life. But after spending a wonderful
time in Calif. with my son and daughter
in law for 7 days and walking up to my
front door, I said to myself as I unlocked
the door....Theres No Place Like Home.
That is when I decided to add it to my
front door. 

I had lunch with one of my best friends
Debbie yesterday and her cousin Susan
who was visiting from East TN. 
I got there early so I ran over to
KMart and found these awesome 

Most folks that know me know that I
love the summer time for one reason...
sandals and flip flops! I hate giving
them up come cool fall weather. But
when the time comes to give
those up I have to have wild socks!
I love these!

Saw two cute bird bath on FB.  Thought 
they were so cute. This would only
take to large clay pots and one large
saucer. I like the paint job on them. 

Then I went on PINTEREST and 
found more. LOVE the colors
on the one below. Three pots for
this one. A large, a med. and a smaller
size with a large saucer. 

This one would take 3 med pots
and two saucers.

Now I am confused at which one
I like the best....leaning to the second
one with the three sizes of pots.

I have different ways to display 
and hold my jewelry. I have a 
lot of stuff that I am going to try
and get rid of some. Not working
I don't wear much anymore. 

But I had not come up with 
a way to store my rings....

But I saw this on PINTEREST 
and love it. 

I think this is pretty cool. 

Next I saw this pillow.
Thought how cool it is.
The colors just pop.
Thought I would try making
it then I remembered that I 
am not good at this stuff...
so I think I will talk to my 
quilting sis in law !!

Maybe she can work this in 
between other stuff. 
My living room is red and brown...
thinking those colors with some 
green and yellow would be

And here is my thought for
you today!


Sandra said…
I am a huge fan of being HOME and that there is no place I rather be than HOME... in the past I rarely stayed more than 2 nights away from home. even on our vacation 3 was the most and I would start to say I want to go home. I like my own bed and my own self in my own place. these bird baths are all really cute so you can't go wrong which ever one.. I wonder if birds like pastels or bright colors. hummmmmmmm
Sandra said…
I thought of you this morning at the YMCA. my friend I had not seen in a few days came in and said her dog died and she thought it would be easier to get a cat. HA HA HA she should have read your blog... she got a KITTEN a wild one, she said the kitten has been more trouble in a few days than the dog was its whole life
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! While reading this, sitting on my back patio at ten until three in the afternoon, movement caught my eye. It was a doe! There really is no place like home, however much the endless maintenance wears me down. ~grin~ I guess the neighbors lawnmower startled the deer. Best wishes on good health and finishing your endless crafty projects!
Betsy said…
I love the sentiment you have on your door. You are so right, I feel the same way. Always glad to be home, it's where all of our stuff is and it's comfy.
I do like the pots in the first picture, will have to make one of those. Thank you for posting it.
Enjoy the rest of the summer, I got a feeling the winter here in Virginia will be snow heavy (I hope anyway).
Sharon Qualls said…
Oh, that quilted toss pillow is such an eye catcher!
The second 'bath' looks the sturdiest. Easier to move for mowing.
Yep, home is always best.
Ann Thompson said…
I like those birdbaths. Pinterest is an awesome place to overdose onproject ideas.
Pam, you are so right! There is no place like home. I love to get away for a few days but I long to be back in my bed. Back in my comfy chair. Back to my own bathroom mirror! LOL! You cracked me with your crazy colorful socks. My oldest daughter is a huge fan of different types of socks and colors. Hope you have a good week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Liz A. said…
I see some birdbath projects in your future.

Have you thought about a trade with your SIL? She quilts you the pillow and in return you make something else for her. Although, you just made her that quilt block on wood, right? I think she already "owes" you a pillow in return.
Rhodesia said…
I agree no place like home. I love going on holiday but I so look forward to being back home as well. Those bird baths are fabulous. Pity I have no pots I could use and they are quite expensive to buy. Love the cushion also. Hope all is well Diane

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