Fall Colors/ Shopping and Lashes

I went to Wally World
yesterday and saw some
fall clothes that have been
put out.I am loving
these fall colors. 

I have always been a winter person
with the colors I wear...
darker the better.

Today while I was out I decided
to fun into the Dollar Tree.
You can always find great buys
for Holidays.

Nope, I did not buy this
cute little hat....haha


Or this one....but it don't stop me
from trying them on.

Got these all for a dollar each. I thought
there were two window decorations in
that one pack but I was wrong. I will
have to run in there and get one more
because I will hang them in the bedroom
windows that are on the front of the house.

The Beware sign will stick in the yard.
Leaves for decorating and the cat....
I might use that for a pattern to cut
more out.

While walking around the store I
saw this box of SOS pads...only
the word Tampons threw me off and
had me doing a double and triple take.
French for soap pads! haha

Let Dakota out a bit ago to potty
and saw this critter - cicada on the
porch. Lily would have a ball with this.

Two years ago this month I was visiting
my son in Calif. The day I was to leave
I was on the side walk outside his home
when I saw 4 o'clock seeds. Not sure where
they came from but I picked 4 or 5 seeds up
and just put them in my pocket.

Last summer I really did not mess with
a garden much other than what comes
back each year. This year I found them in
the container I put seeds. So I thought
what the heck, give it a try. Not expecting
anything but it came up......slowly. And now
even though it is tiny compared to the ones
I used to have....it is about to bloom!

I think of Cory each time I walk by it.

Yes, these are my lashes, with the help of
mascara. They are not false. Cindy one of the 
ladies I had lunch with the other day was
always talking about my lashes and 
how jealous she was of them. 

So the other day I found this on 
Pinterest and had to share it
with Cindy on FB!

Told her I was going to 
make me one...and
its my fav color too!



Ann said…
The last time I was in Walmart I saw all the winter clothes out and realized how close it's getting. I hate winter.
I love Dollar Tree though. There are so many items there to use for crafting.
Sandra said…
my Walmart does not have these and your Walmart looks much better, ours is crammed together so we can't walk between them. I need to go to the other Walmart, it is bigger and better. you had fun in the dollar store and now we wait to see your home decorated.. is the beware sign for warning strangers there is a crazy cat in the house? ha ha... see you later lash queen
Sharon Qualls said…
I don't shop at WalMart, DH does that. Yours looks like you have room to walk around. I've been searching for clothes on the net. I hope the styles change soon, I couldn't find much that I would consider buying. I am old fashioned, I guess. I used to love walking around the Dollar Tree, in search of fun stuff. Are there that many French speaking people in Nashville? Ha ha.
Sally said…
I used to have eyelashes like yours, but they slowly disappeared. Yours are lovely.

Yep, I hit up Dollar Tree once in a while since there is now one close to us.
Love your sense of humor, Pam. You do have lovelly lashes. I like to look around the Dollar Tree as well. The black cat is catching my eye. Maybe our's has one. The SOS pads made me laugh out loud. Enjoy your weekend. ♥
Rhodesia said…
I am very jealous of those lashes, mine are not only short but white, I keep them dyed to make my life a little easier. I have been dying them since I was 16!!!!
Love the beware of the cat LOL. Have a good Sunday Diane
Billie Jo said…
Love those decorations!!!
And those lashes!
Darla M Sands said…
Thanks for the smile. You're awesome. I hope you are about to have a great Sunday.
Denise inVA said…
What fun you have had and yes, you do give me eye-lash envy. I once went to a professional makeup artist and when she tried to do my eyes, she started to laugh. There really weren't any to work with! I wasn't happy and have never gone back. It is what it is ;)
Red Rose Alley said…
I can't believe how long your lashes are, Pam. Mine seem to have gotten thinner as I've gotten older, but I still wear eye liner. You have the prettiest eyes, my friend. Don't ya just love the Dollar Tree? The hat you're wearing is cute. Nel said that she hears the cicadas in her back yard in Georgia. They are interesting critters.

Oh, those Fall clothes.....I can't wait to get a few. : )


ps...I saw the post of your wall with all the photos and frames. So charming.
Liz A. said…
Those are great hats. I need to get me some of those ;)
Debbie said…
it looks like a fun trip to walmart...cute hats, you are looking so fine!!!

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