Eclipse 2

Yesterday while playing around
waiting on the main event...
I played with my shadow!

Looks like I am short and dumpy!
or dumpier!

These were the crescents that appeared
on the road while the moon moved
over the sun and shot through the
The news was calling them
shadow snakes.

They appeared when you saw
the crescent in part of the 
sun shining through. 

After the event while on the 
drive home I looked
up and saw this

My mom was concerned how
animals would react.
I had already asked for
Dakota to visit while I was
gone (I never leave him 
at home for long periods). But mom
felt maybe Lily needed to come
When she keeps my brothers cat
Zuzu stays in the spare room.
I left Lily with a kiss on the
button nose and the door shut.

When I picked up the fur babies, 
I walked in and the door to the
spare room was open. 
Lily was just waking up, stretching
while on the bed. 
I looked at mom and asked why 
her door was open. 
I was then told that Lily had
the run of the house!!
She ran and played with 
moms three dogs.
Such a great personality. 
She don't even know she is
a cat.
Dakota got upset once and 
grabbed her by the ear pulling
her away from the two 
dogs she was playing with....

Anyway, this was them last
I love and am still amazed
at how she has to be laying
next to him and touching

What a great day.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon Qualls said…
I was hoping for some tree shadow crescents, but didn't spot any.

Cats and dogs usually get on famously, unless one is an old grouch. Jill has always been careful with the Tacky Cat.
Sally said…
You got some really great photos, Pam. Thanks so much for sharing. Here it was total darkness for a while.

Your fur babies are sweet.

Sandra said…
Lily is a real treasure and I love the MOM story... Dakota did not want to share his kitty. glad you left them there. we don't leave Jake more than an hour to 2 hours if we can help it
Rhodesia said…
No eclipse here!!! Love the photos of your furry pair they are so sweet. The heart in the sky is great, well noticed. Take care Diane
It was quite an event -- your photos are great! Those animals of ours -- they ARE fun aren't they? Our dog didn't seem to react at all -- she was still her usual lazy self haha!
Liz A. said…
Very cool.
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, come on. Those two are way too cute together. Thanks for sharing these images. Cool shadow snakes. We didn't see that, too far from totality I guess. It was eerie standing outside on a cloudless day without needing sunglasses. It felt like the introduction to that old TV show "Tales From the Dark Side". ~grin~ Be well!
Ann Thompson said…
Yhose shadows are pretty cool. The eclipse wasnt real impressive here
Debbie said…
i'm glad you had fun with it. it was a no show here and i was not disappointed!!!

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