Dreaming of Fall

We are looking at the 
end of this summer.
And looking to the next

I love fall!
I love the crisp cool air.
I love the smells.
I love the fall colors.
The orange, the reds
the browns and the gold

Do you decorate for fall?
I really don't do it for fall but
I do for Halloween. 

Here are some really cool
porch decorations for 

Makes me yearn for fall now!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sandra said…
i like the idea of punkin with house numbers. I don't decorate for any season but if I did would like that. they are all really good ideas and pretty to... my mother would love and use every single one of these
Darla M Sands said…
I have a gigantic Halloween collection. It takes days to pull the eclectic decor from the basement and put out for display. ~grin~ Interestingly, I hated autumn as a child and realized it tied to the start of school. Never did like that place. ~shakes head~ Once I graduated high school there was a paradigm shift and I have adored the season ever since. Be well!
Debbie said…
i dream about all of those beautiful porches. i have wonderful decorations for the porch....and i usually end up with one pumpkin and a dead mum! i will try harder this year!!!

i "do" fall, not really halloween!!!
Jeanie said…
Maybe it's because I live so much farther north than you, but I am SO not ready for fall! Not that I don't love the colors, smells, pumpkins and feel of it -- but I'm just not ready to let go of summer! Sigh!
Rhodesia said…
Beautiful decorations you are so talented. The only season we would decorate for is Christmas, but because we are never at home we do not do that either. One day we will be at home and then I will decorate :-) Take care Diane
Sharon Qualls said…
Pretty porches, a little too soon for my taste though. With the kids starting school so early, it does sort of set the mood. Seeing some signs of the real thing outside, but I am not ready yet.
Sally said…
Oh, those are awesome, Pam.

That milk can? Mom had one, and gave it to her great niece in W FL; one who doesn't like me so I can't even see it anymore. hahaha

I'm sure my granddaughter will decorate for Fall, and Halloween; the great's love it and so does she.

Ann Thompson said…
I do like fall but hate to see summer end. I used to decorate for every season and holiday. Now not so much
Liz A. said…
I love fall when the weather finally breaks. But we're cooler today, so I'm still good with summer. But I should start thinking about Halloween knits...
Love all the fall inspiration! Fall is my favorite season for sure. I love to decorate with pumpkins, berries, and pretty fall leaves. I can't wait! Oh, and it is 'sweater weather', too! xx Karen
I love Fall too Pam but with the heat we are having it is so hard for me to even think about Fall. All my fall decor is outside in my She-shed and it's so hot that I do not even want to make a trip in there. Love all the pictures. Hoping you have a great day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
CrystalChick said…
Great decoration photos. LOVE the Fall, fav season. I haven't decorated for anything other than Christmas in many years, but we have friends who used to throw a big party and went all out for Halloween. Our daughter loves it too and she puts up big displays... threee headed dogs with lighted eyes and fog type stuff and animatronics and black light things...etc...

Susan said…
Hello Pam...How wonderful that you stopped by my blog post today! Hope you enjoyed your visit. What state are you in? Stop by any time. Susan
Luna Crone said…
For Autumn, I do bits and pieces.

And then, a lot more, for Halloween. I do not draw any dark and scary, from Halloween. It is a Harvest Festival, like others. And I love the old Celtic name for it. Samhain

Gentle hugs,
Luna Crone
Now I have to say that since I am a Winter HATER, I tend to be sad to see Fall come haha! BUT, I am trying to embrace the beauty of it and not worry about what's to come! These are all great ideas -- I really love the ones that added a fall blanket to the seats/benches/chairs -- that's a great idea!

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