Big Springs Paintings / Medals

A few post back I posted
the hometown swimming hole
where I visited often when in 
my mom's hometown.
I also posted a painting I did
for my mom of that swimming hole.
I painted this years ago.

I  painted it once before also.
Back when I was in high school.
This painting hung in my mom's
dinning room for almost 30
years.  And now hangs in the
spare bedroom. 

Big difference in painting styles
and mediums. The first painting
above was done in oils
and the other one in acrylics. 

HAHA....this is what it is like
living in the country.
On the way to Ray's house
after doing errands...
had to stop and let these
guys cross the road.

But....right next to them looking at
the wild turkeys was this guys!

This area is covered with deer.
I counted 10 on my brothers property
this morning when I was leaving the 
house. Two mom's that have
a set of twins each!

Hanging in my brothers office
here at the house are my
dad's medals. I knew Ray had
them and had forgotten that
he had them displayed.

Driving down the road I spotted
this....Yes, I came to a stop at
a red light before taking the pic.

Dakota went to moms house the
other day to stay the night. He actually stayed
two days and two nights. 
I went home today and mom dropped him
off at the house. I stood at the
door with the screen opened
so he could come in, he ran past me
right into the living room and 
was looking for his sister....Lily!
No greeting for me at all!
Lily was upstairs on the bed but
when she heard he was home
she came down the stairs to 
greet him, they started playing!

Now the thing here is that Dakota
would normally (before Lily) jump
up and be all over me!
The next thing is that Lily don't
greet me when I come home 
other then to look up like she
is thinking, "oh you are back"!!
I love it that they have that

Her is Lily at my brothers house.
She was propped here in the 
the plant while she watched 
the big dogs!
Then she started slapping at
the leaves. I took her out
and since Oakley was
standing right there she took
it out on him like she was blaming
him she got caught in the 
plant so she stood up and
started punching him in the face!

Silly Lily...not afraid of anything.

Night I see this.

I fell asleep around 5:30 today and
silly Lily work me around 10...
wanting to play!
Then when I get on the laptop
this is what happens.

 Sort of hard to facebook 
like this!!


Thanks for stopping in, 


Ann said…
The turkey remind me of this morning. There was one laying right in the middle of the road. I'm not sure if it was injured or just found a warm spot on the pavement but it didn't move when I drove by it. It just layed there looking around :)
Silly Lily I like that lol. She sure is full of fun
Darla M Sands said…
Thank you for the chuckle. Great pictures! I like the display honoring your father. Very nice. And I, too, am thrilled your pets share this bond. My cats Tilly and Jezebel didn't bat an eye when Luna passed away. Luna only seemed interested in me, but the other two are a little closer. They're both old, so I may be finding out how the one reacts to the other's passing sooner than I'd like. ~sigh~ Be well!
Rhodesia said…
Love the turkey and the deer, what a pleasure to have them so close by. Wow your Dad sure has a lot of medals. Hope all is OK Diane
Sandra said…
makes me happy that Dakota loves Lily like he does. that sign should be here. I am huddled in AC so there may be signs like it here
Denise inVA said…
It is lovely that Lily and Dakota have such a great relationship. Wonderful that your Dad's medals are still in the family. You are a very talented artist Pam. Great photos too.
Liz A. said…
Love the sign.
Debbie said…
you have always been a talented artist, even at a young age!!! both paintings are beautiful!!!

i love seeing deer, they are close to my house but never in my yard. i have a few places i can go to take pictures when i want to see them. places they always hang out!!!

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