Another Chandelier / Decorative Hanger

hanging light/chandelier that
I decided I wanted to hang 
in my room.

This one was given to me, I don't like
the gold and I am not crazy
about the lights hanging down.

Then I realized that I could
change the way the arms hang...
I just turned them around.

But you know...I think I will hang
it without the globes.

Prepared the sockets with tape.

Course I took this pic with the
light upside down. 
But here is the color now.

Yesterday I showed the trim/
frame out I did on my
living room window.

Today, it got painted.

Months ago I made with out
of  part of a cabinet and 
knobs I got at Hobby Lobby.
I only buy my knobs when they
are on clearance.
$1.70 each.

But one of the knobs had a 
really long screw and today
I finally got around to 
cutting it off. 

My Dremel tool comes in 
handy for this
project. great.

I had two really good days
in which I got a lot done.
Today....I pushed but
still got somethings done. 

My body is yelling at me but I 
am proud of  what I have gotten

Tomorrow I will rest.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Rhodesia said…
Well done, you never cease to amaze me what you accomplish. Happy August Diane
Sandra said…
I wish I could use all those tools, not talent at all there. I like the lights turned up and would never have thought of it
Sally said…
Yes, today? Rest.

I will also as you wear me out with all you do. :)

Darla M Sands said…
I hope you are resting comfortably. ~hugs~
Liz A. said…
Wow, you have a lot of home projects. You might consider branching out and selling some of your upcycled wares. I'm sure they would fetch a great price.
I agree with Liz. And it sounds like you definitely need a rest.
Debbie said…
good for you!!! it always feels great to have a productive day!!!
Julia said…
Your chandelier turned out looking brand new. You did an amazing job and those knobs are the cats' meows. Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Denise inVA said…
You got a lot done and were so creative. I am always impressed :)
Red Rose Alley said…
You are always so creative with your projects, Pam. That's a nice chandelier. I really like the rooster picture and quote, and so true, huh?

Have a relaxing Sunday, friend.


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