All Around Post is where the 
fur babies 

Went to the pet store last night and 
had to laugh at this...

When I had a fish tank they
did not have really cool
things like this to put in it.

So...who lives in a pineapple 
under the sea?

Sponge Bob Square Pants
that's who!

They also have fruit loops
for birds.

and this~
is it Turd ucken 
or is it Tur ducken? is Turkey Duck for 
Too funny, just caught my attention.

With that being said, over a month
ago I started adding canned
pumpkin, couple of teaspoons
to Dakota's food everyday. 
He was having spells about once
a week where his tummy would make
really strange sounds and he would
not eat. The pumpkin has stopped that.
I have also been adding green beans
or carrots and cutting out the
amount of meat he gets. 
Seems to be helping.

Now....look what I have in 
my closet. 

Mom bought it about 10 yrs ago on
one of her bargain deals at 
Kohl's. I could not wear it.
But I can now.

It cost this to begin with.

and here is what she paid for.

Now for a weight update....
I gained 5 lbs back but in the 
last couple of days I have
managed to lose 3 of that. 
Tomorrow I have an apt with the weight
doc but I think he will still be pleased
cause I have lost since I was there
2 months ago.

To begin with.


Gotta get serious about what I am
eating cause I really would like to 
lose about 15 more.

The other day in a post I 
posted about this that I 
found on PINTEREST.

Really need to do that so my rings
will be up and out of the way.

I also mentioned that I had other
ways of storing and holding my

This is what hold my bracelets.
A coffee cup holder!

Works great.

Here I took a small 
cabinet door and hung black
chain across it with upholstery tacks
holding that in place.
The earrings just hook into the
opening of the chain.

Made this years ago for my 
necklaces. This works so well.

I took a 16x20 frame and  window screen
attached to the back of it.
I then used drape hooks 

to hook into the screen. I then hook
my necklaces over the hook. 

Moving on with this all around post...
a friend on fb plays Family Feud by
asking questions.
The question today was, 
what does a first grader stick 
up his nose?"

I answered with 
and posted a pic of my oldest
grandson when he was about that

When staying at my brothers I played
with Lori's perfume bottles.
I posted on pic but in these I 
used a mirror.

Love this shot with the tile behind.

Shot this hanging on a candle holder.

I have things like this hanging on my
living room lights.

Not sure if I posted before...but 
I love this shot.

Today, twice....Silly Little Lily 
AKA Lily Bit wanted mommy
loving. Usually she wants to be by

Oops...she decided she had enough
mommy loving and had be
next to her brother.

I love my fur babies!

Thank you for stopping in to visit,


Sharon Qualls said…
You almost make me want to drag out my dresser sets to photograph, but then I would to have to put every thing away and I know nothing ever fits again when a person does that. Kind of useless to have it, huh? (I did send one set to a gal I know, the hole kind of filled in by itself. Ha Ha.)
Rhodesia said…
Love your photos and glad the weight is still good despite having put a few lb back on.
My bracelets and chains are on a similar cup holder to yours but it was sold as a jewellery holder!! Keep well Diane
Sandra said…
I can tell you my four year old son poked a piece of crayon so far up his nose, he had to go to the doctor to get it removed. the first time he did it, I got it out, the second I could not. removal involved pain and blood, he never did it again. what am memory form 50 years ago.
home is where the paws are for me.. I vote for turd ucken. he he he... glad you lost the 3 pounds and you look super to me. I just got home from TOPS and was down 2 more pounds, total 41 so far... I want to lose 20 more.
Darla M Sands said…
Best wishes on your appointment! You're so clever and talented. Nice fur baby photos, too.
Ann Thompson said…
I saw that turducken stuff and laughed at the name.
Debbie said…
You look great Pam, and the purple shirt, so cute and what a steal!!
Liz A. said…
Great way to store your jewelry.

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