The Pot and Pan Hanger and More

Morning Blogger Friends!

and with that said......

I had this cool idea that 
I would take baby bed springs
(not the arrow silly)


or this...
but I have no room to
hang it from the ceiling
like this.

But I set out to find a set of baby bed springs
with no luck.....UNTIL
I was coming home
from my brothers house
while cat sitting and happened
upon one at the neighbors house
sat on the side of the road.

Seriously it was priceless...
it cost me NOTHING!

The issue, there were two
springs missing on one section.
But thanks to the local
LOWES store 
(love it almost at much as
Hobby Lobby),
I found a pack of springs.

2 to a pack
2 dollars and some odd
and BAM it is fixed....and hung.
What do you think?

Gotta to wire the center of the top
wire section to keep it from

But with the aid of S hooks from
(again) I
was able to hang my pots. 

Except for the ones with
thick handles....the opening
to the S hook is just to tight and the 
handle will not fit over it. 
So its either bigger S hooks
or not hang the pots...
I am leaning to not hanging since
they are pretty deep and would stick
out to far on the rack. 

Keep in mind that with these springs
which are pretty sturdy as a whole would
not be if you hang something really
heavy on one 
cast iron skillets!

yesterday I got stuck looking
at shelves. 
HAHA....this would really
mess with the heads of 
someone with OCD.

Loving these shelves in
the pic below.
As you come down my stairs
there is a small section 
of rail and spindles...
not used for anything other
then to catch the crap I hang
on it
thinking of making this.

This is a cute idea.
Problem with this....
I have less room behind my
doors then this pic has.
Mine is butted almost right
up to the wall....
but still cute. 

Not really that taken on the shelves
on the end of this headboard..
but it would be 
useful I think...

OH.....I love these
and found the brackets online
at Lowes
(haha...Lowes again)
for 8.98 each.

Pic from Lowes online.

For those of you that are fans
of Dakota 

And Lily

Here is your fix for the day!
Love my fur babies.

They actually have fans
that follow their moves
and behavior
on my fb page.

Thanks for stopping, 


Sandra said…
thanks for the kitty/pup fix.. I am somewhat OCD, not totally but a lot so all of these would make me crazy in my house. I have to hide everything. I don't mind drawers not organized or cabinets not organized as long as I can't see it. I don't want to see my pots and there are only 3 shelves, tiny ones in my house and I want them gone but the wall need paint so can't take them down...
Sally said…
I just have to say this, Pam;
Is there anything that you cannot do? :)

Love the ideas!

Mildred said…
Waving hi to sweet Dakota and Lily! I love your pot hanger. How fortunate to find the springs on the side of the road. You did a great job. Happy weekend.
I love that you found those springs on the side of the road, Pam! Great job. Have a great weekend. ♥
Liz A. said…
Back when I was a kid, my father installed a peg board on a kitchen wall and hung pans from it. Unfortunately, this was behind a door, so the door never fully opened. Not a bad idea, but the execution sucked.

I like how your pan hanger turned out.
Ann Thompson said…
Very cool pot rack. Looks great. I'm not real crazy about the wonky shelves vut I do like the ones at rhe bottom of the steps and I love the rustic looking ones with the brackets.
Dakota and Lily are looking adorable as always
Denise inVA said…
You have such creativity, love these.
Rhodesia said…
Very creative, we have a pot rack in our kitchen hanging from the ceiling over the centre island, it is sooooooo useful. Diane
Darla M Sands said…
I'm a fan of your fur babies for sure. ~grin~ Have fun crafting!

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