Kitten / Card / Trooper

Having a kitten is eye
opening. HAHA

I am having to learn that
Lily is just like a baby.
Out of one thing and
right into another!

She plays hard and crashes!
Nothing stays on the ends tables!
She loves to watch the movement
on TV and my laptop.
She loves to jump smack dab in
the center of my laptop. 

And just like a baby I 
am training her to not
do somethings.
She used to love to bite
on my ankle bracelets 
and my necklace. 
A tab to the nose and the
word NO stopped that. 
She has learned her name
really well and she

This is Lily telling 
me that Dakota is ready
to come in.

I laid this container in 
the floor earlier yesterday
and next thing I know she
is in it and peeking out
over the top. Then she
balanced her front paws
on the side, tipping it
over on herself. Not sure 
she was happy with my
laughing at her and making
he stay there till I took a pic. 

Yesterday evening she was playing
really hard, then she crashed and
laid down beside me and went
to sleep.

My niece called me and needed
my address again. I told her ~
it was Awesome Aunt Pam then
I gave the address. 
She laughed but when I 
got the thank you card
the env. read......

Oh, so sweet!

Yesterday after 22 weeks of
training, 22 weeks of only visiting
family on Friday night to Sat night.,
one of my best friends 
son graduated from 
Trooper School. 

Congrats Chris.

He is the last one in 

Being pinned.

Mom and Dad.

Barb and I have been friends since
I was 12 yrs old.....
that equals out to 45 yrs!

Our children grew up together.
Barb and Phil have always been
there when I needed them without

Barb was pregnant with her
first son and he was born in 
Nov. (he is in the Army with
10 yrs behind him) while I was 
pregnant with my first born and
she came in Dec. 
Then 6.5 yrs later we did it
again. Barb was pregnant with
Chris and I was pregnant
with my son. 
Cory was born in July
and Chris was born in Aug. about friends
doing things together!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Denise inVA said…
Great post Pam. Loved all the stories today. The photos of Lily are very cute, as is the one with Dakota wanting to come in. Sweet card from your niece and congratulations to your friends son. Lovely to have known your friend for all these years. A very nice family photo of the three of them. Wise quote also. Wishing you a happy weekend:)
S. J. Qualls said…
Kittens make me tired just watching them and laughing.
Congratulations to the new trooper!
Jeanie said…
She's so tiny next to Dakota! Oh, I love to look at kittens and laugh -- they keep you on your toes, don't they!
Sandra said…
congratulations to Chris, the new trooper and a prayer said for his safety. My son's kitten was just like yours, the named him Jesse James because he was always pouncing and getting in trouble, the 2nd one is the same way, he is Mad Max.. they are so cute to watch..
Darla M Sands said…
What a lovely update. Blessings to Chris in his service. Take care, my dear. I hope you are well.
Ann Thompson said…
Cats are fun. I miss having one. That encelope is funny. Congratulations to Chris
Cheryl said…
Ahhhh your kitten is adorable. I've got six cats. All of them are rescues... I just took one feral in to get neutered. Boy, that was an experience lol
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, that Lily is such a mischievous cat. That picture of her under the container is funny. The things pets get into. Dakota looks so cute outside wanting to come in. That was sweet of your niece to address the card as "Awesome Aunt Pam." wow, you've known Barb for 45 years! That's a special friendship for sure.

Happy fourth of July weekend, Pam.

Congrats to Chris. Interesting post.
Debbie said…
LOVE the card - fun to know that you are the fun aunt!!! i liked the first quote, it is perfect for you!!!
Rhodesia said…
Fabulous post with some great memories. Diane
Robert Bennett said…
I haven't had a kitten in a long time. Their energy is just infectious. Gotta love it.

Also, congratulations to him!
Liz A. said…
That's a good friend.
Lily is such a cutie! Isn't it amazing how much energy kittens have? We currently have 4. Someone had left them in front of our gate when they were about 2 weeks old. I bottle-raised them. They're now about 3 months old and so much fun to watch and to play with.
What a sweet niece you have to address the card like that.

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