It's All About the Color

My brother and sis in law
took mom and me out to
lunch today.

It was really sweet of him.

On the way home mom
and I ran to Kohl's.

I was surprised at the fall
colors for men!
Loving these colors.

Would much rather seen a man in these
popping colors then a man in 
or laced shorts!

My sis in law Kim made
sure that she ordered a pic for
me of my niece Holly
from her May graduation 
from UT Knoxville. 

I have supported Holly through
everything she has done and 
I have not missed much.
She is a great kid...oops...
young woman of 22.

I have a project going....
waiting on paint to dry...
but it started out like this!

My mom got this years ago at a yard
sale, I held onto it for the frame.

Now, hold your breath till I am done
and show you the finished product.

Found this on someones page on

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Debbie said…
that's a great quote!! rompers were made for woman, in my humble opinion!!!
Darla M Sands said…
Well, I think rompers are for babies. ~grin~ Lovely photos. Be well!
Darla M Sands said…
Crap, I meant to tell you that Tilly is doing great. You're so kind to ask about my cat, the least I can do is answer here. I just wish she would stop trashing the water bowls with litter between her toes. I worry about her and Jezebel getting fresh drinking water before I have time to refresh the nasty boels.
Sandra said…
I am with you on the rompers and lace. no no no... I have seen a few of these colorful shirts on the talking heads on TV in the past few weeks. now I know why.
Ann said…
I like the different colored shirts but I know for a fact my husband wouldn't wear most of them. You rarely see him in anything other than a pocket t-shirt or tank. I agree the shirts are way better than the other
I can't wait to see what you do with that picture
Rhodesia said…
I am holding my breath but please do not make it too long!!!!!! Diane
Liz A. said…
Nope, not going to hold my breath, but I look forward to your finished project.

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