From Key Rings To Rocks

Everyone knows that I 
collect key rings of places
I travel. Now I get them
as gifts from other peoples

My sweet friend Nancy had her
hubby bring me some from
China on his business travels.
The two of them took a trip
to Aruba and I got these
in the mail last week.

A couple weeks ago I took 
care of Zora for my brother
and sis in law Kim while
they went to Fla.
Here is a cool key ring
that they brought me back!

I love it.

I also collect Wizard of Oz
stuff. They also got me
this to go with my collection.

I posted the other day that 
I was sending paintings
to two of my aunts. 
My aunt Donna loves
dragonflies. So I sent her
this. She was totally
surprised when the package
came in the mail.
I did not tell them that
I was sending them something.

Sent this to my aunt Martha.
She was in the mountains with her
son and his family when it arrived but
got home the next day.
Again, total surprise.

These are my moms two youngest
sisters and the only two that she
still has living. They are a lot
younger than my mom. Matter of
fact my aunt Donna is only
7 yrs older then me.

Apparently my desire to paint the
world in color by going
different and bright on their
doors has gotten around...

Check out the ones I have seen 

Bright yellow on a gray brick
home. Pretty.

Bright teal on a beige
color home.

Or what about his orange yellow
color. This is bright and I saw
this one a block away from me.

Another teal color.
I am loving this.

I am part of a group on facebook
called 615 Rocks. 
It is a group for painting and 
dropping off painted rocks
for others to find.
If you check your area code
there might even be a group
around you.
They are doing it all over.
I painted these a while 
back before I even knew about
the 615 Rock movement.

I will be dropping them today
in hopes that they will make
someones day.

I will keep you posted on 
the drop and if whomever
finds them gets back to 
the fb page to report they
found them.

Even businesses are getting into
it. This is from one of my best
friends business, Julia's Bakery.
If you find it you are to take it
or a pic of you with it to Julia's
and you will receive a 
free chocolate chip cookie!

Way to go Julie!
I love it.

And if you want to check 
some of the goods that
the bakery has
check out there website at

I am so proud of Julie and Roger!
Love everything in the bakery
esp the carrot cake!

Thanks for stopping in,


Rhodesia said…
The rock painting sound like fun. I am sure that there is nothing even similar in France. Have a great weekend Diane
Sandra said…
I like a few of those rocks, the leopard is my favorite. I have always had a desire to paint and have not one iota of talent, I think that is why I fell in love with my digital camera, painting without painting. I need to get back outside and paint
Debbie said…
we recently painted the house gray, well it was gray, but we repainted it gray and i wanted a yellow door. my husband was adamant about it NOT being yellow. i settled on either black or red and finally settled on black. i don't love it. i am working on rocks from recent trips for my rock garden, i like the other, creative, fun idea!!!!
Darla M Sands said…
The chocolate chip rock is so real looking. What a fun idea. I also am partial to the leopard print. ~grin~ As for painting, I'm no great talent but one December I volunteered at a local pottery store painting Christmas ornament samples. That was fun. The price is too steep to pay for projects, unfortunately. This rock exchange is a delightful idea.
Liz A. said…
Finding rocks and getting freebies? That's a group I can get behind!
Ann Thompson said…
I just saw a couple painted rocks today in the store where I work. They called it something different but it had a facebook page to go to

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