Blogging About Last Night and Today

I have been waiting till late in the 
afternoon before I head out 
to do errands.

Today I wanted to go to 
I am hunting for things
to make my Halloween
Great place to pull that 
stuff together. 

And...I just wanted to 
get out, so I rode around just
looking at things...
mailboxes, color doors...etch

And I saw this in a yard.

You really can't tell with this pic
but it is a pallet!
Now...I have to set out to get
a pallet to paint! haha.

A block away I saw this...
looks like this is done on a
wood board. Not like the 
other one but just as 

Remember the pot rack baby
bed spring?
And the sag?

A smaller S hook and everything 
is better! I even added 
some  other antique 
things. I love it.

After putting the fix on FB a friend
told me that she loved it.
With that conversation I told her
that I bet some folks think I 
am nuts and I did not care. 
She came back with only folks
that would think that would be the
ones with no creative vision.
I thanked her and she went on
to say she was sincere, that she loves
the way I see thing. That I truly take
trash and make it beautiful.

That brought tears...
that was so sweet. was one of those nights
last sleep although
I did take a 2
 hour nap this afternoon 
but those no sleep nights are
So....what does a person
do when they can't sleep?

They paint mermaid tails on 
the bathroom wall.

Or they take the hand held
vac box that Lily plays
in and covers it with 
contact paper.

Yesterday I had to make
a stop at 
My second fav store.
While checking out the
young cashier said it looked
like I was trying to avoid
being hit in the head by my wood.

With that...I had to have a selfie.

While working in the craft room
and trying to bring order to it today
I ran across this pic of mom, 
my older brother and I.
I decided it need to be
in the antique room on 
the table next to the bed.

Someday's....there are just 
some days.  When things
just don't go right.

I picked up pulls yesterday for my
antique cabinet. The holes would not
line up. Back to Lowes today.
Changed out the pulls.

I love it. 
I cleaned the paint off of one that
came off and it just did not look
good so it required new ones.

Had a request for a front
door decoration.
This is another thing you 
do when you don't sleep.

Just have to add something to hang
it by and spray sealer on it.

Loving the view from the

I might not have been able to sleep
but these two had no issues.
I know you guys probably think 
that sleeping is all these two
do but just makes the 
cutest pics.
Lily has to be up next to Dakota.

This is the best pic ever!

After the mermaid tail being painted
last night I decided that the
redone room (antique room)
needed a cute hidden surprise.
And why buy stickers to apply
when you can paint it.

Well...the creek is dry.
We need rain.
I think that is going to 
happen in the next few days.

I hope so.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Darla M Sands said…
I am awed by your creativity. Of course, my partner would freak out if I approached a wall with a freestyle paint brush. ~sigh~ Hope you feel well today. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos.
Liz A. said…
Great that you found that old pic. Love the mermaid tail. I'll have to tell my niece about that. She wants to decorate her bedroom in a nautical theme.
Sally said…
Once again, you amaze me Pam. Seriously. The mermaid tail, how cute is that! Love the baby bed springs; our kitchen wouldn't have a place for that else I might would try to do that. :)

I hope you get rain soon; we've had enough for now.

Rhodesia said…
I would be far too noisy if I did things like that when I can't sleep because of my back. I sneak into the kitchen, make a cup of herbal tea and read sometimes most of the night!!
You are just so creative though you amaze me daily. Diane
I'm always impressed by the creative projects people come up with. I seem to have no creativity outside of cooking, but I do enjoy seeing what other people create.
Denise inVA said…
I love these Pam. One thing that really caught my attention, and many did believe me, but I did love your mouse bench with tree and door. So incredibly cute! But the cutest photos are Lily and Dakota.
Ann Thompson said…
Those pallet flags are showing up all over the place around here. Ive seen a couple that don't look too good. Wish I could be as productive as you are when you can't sleep
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, how creative is that mermaid tail, love that! I'm sorry it was hard for you to sleep the other night; that makes it hard the next day. I love that picture of you and your mom and brother, what a treasure. It sounds like you're doing lots of stuff around the house. That's always nice to get projects finished. : ) I've been doing some as well.


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