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One year ago.


Year ago.


This is Lily's mom.

She loves her perch.

Right over Dakota.

Isn't she so pretty?

And Dakota is so handsome.

I just love the way she
turns her head up when

This morning I was sitting in 
the floor cleaning out
some drawers, I stood, looked
out the window and thought...
wow, what a big dog. Then I 
realized it was not a dog,
it was a buck.

I ran out the back door with
my big camera and was shocked
when I got around to the 
front yard.
3  young bucks!

This evening I made a run
to Hobby Lobby and
was shocked when I saw this.

Not only did they have
Christmas out but 
the had Halloween, and
Thanksgiving also.
I told a manager that I
thought they had their
season's messed up.

Was surprised when I looked
out and saw my surprise lily
sticking up out of the ground.
The next day it was in 


Sally said…
You look amazing, Pam!

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween - yeah, I don't get that either.

Such a surprise (well three) in your yard! Great photo's. :)

Jeanie said…
I love this so much, Pam. You look just fabulous and that's a huge accomplishment and one you can see every day you look in the mirror!

I love the photos of your wonderful pets. They've clearly bonded! Lily is so beautiful!
Ann said…
You look absolutely fantastic. What a difference a year can make. The craft stores get the seasonal stuff out even earlier than the other stores. It makes sense from a crafting sense but only for supplies to make things with, not all the other stuff.
Both your fur babies are adorable. Lily is just as cute as can be
Denise inVA said…
Congratulations Pam, you have done amazingly well. Loved all the photos.
Sandra said…
I might expire from Joy if I found 3 bucks in our yard. amazing there were 3 of them. and you then and now is just as amazing. Wow... and congratulations.
Kim Standard said…
What cute cat! Photogenic! I love seeing deer in my yard too. No way those holidays 😁
You look beautiful! and Well Done!!!
Sharon Qualls said…
Your 'a year ago, and now' pictures seem to be my reverse, hahaha.
Lily is adorable.
Cool, I live in the boonies and don't see the deer anymore.
Good Grief, Christmas Crap already!
Girl, you look amazing! Those deer!!!! WOW! Still in velvet. Yes, all holiday stuff out too in my neck of the woods. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Debbie said…
you are always beautiful pam, but especially when you wear purple!!!

you should be very proud of your weightloss, it is so hard at our age!!!
Rhodesia said…
Wow you must be so proud of yourself and you are looking fabulous.
Love the other photos also and the buck outside your door, what fun.
Take care Diane
Mildred said…
You look marvelous; congrats to you.
I appreciate your comment on the calendar towels. Mother always had one hanging in our kitchen and she would use the former years' towel to roll out her biscuit dough on!

Amazing that you got the deer photos. What a surprise!

Yes, a spot of yellow in your lavender/purple flowers would be gorgeous.
Darla M Sands said…
My dear, the corset you kindly commented on hides a lot of weight. You are way thinner than me and would easily fit a smaller size. ~hugs~ You're doing fantastic despite so many obstacles. Way to go.

Great pictures! Dakota and Lily are adorable together. That resurrection lily (as they're called in my region) is lovely. Way to go capturing photos of those bucks. Be well!
Liz A. said…
Now's the time to start the Christmas crafts. Yes, it seems early, but some things take a lot of time.

Congrats on the weight loss.

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