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About a year ago I purchased
this chandelier from a friend.
I mentioned that I wanted a 
chandelier on facebook
and I was sent this in a
 private chat. 

She was changing things out
at her home before putting
it up for sale. 

This was exactly what I

And for $30 it was an awesome
deal. The prisms would
cost me that somewhere else.

I took all the prisms off and 
scrubbed them. Then I 
proceeded to scrub the 
light itself. 

I then taped up the glass part and 
where the bulbs screw in.

After that was done I spray
painted the light with an off 
white color with  primer included.

Today I actually took the tape
off and reapplied the 
prisms. Isn't it beautiful?

I have a friend that is going to 
help me hang it. It is going in the
antique room I just finished.
I love it!

I felt like I was on a roll....
so I decided to get another 
hanging light painted.

When I put the word out
on FB and the Next Door
Neighbor website for my
area I ended up with two
lights like this one below.

This one was given to me
but one just like it but silver
I paid $20 for. The silver one
got spray painted with brown 

This one is going in the 
If you notice in the top
pic there are metal rings 
around the bottom of the 
glass globes. I decided
I liked them better without
the rings! 

Still on a roll....
I pulled out the two cans
of off white spray paint
that I had purchased for this
coffee table.

I think I mentioned that my 
daughter told me last week
that she needed a coffee
table. This week I found this
on the side of the road at my
neighbors house. 
yes, nothing better than 

Well, I started painting it today.
Oops....NO PIC
and I am not headed out
on the deck to take one now.

Pulled out the big camera to 
take some good shots of my

Dakota was SNORING
in this pic.
He can get rather loud at

Main reason for grabbing the big camera 
was to get this shot below.
I love it.

This little girl has wiggled her
way into my heart.

Wed. she was not well. She started going off
and laying alone cause she felt bad. She had
eaten lunch earlier but after that I
realized she was not even playing.

The next day I found a hair ball...
figured that was it.
She was better in a way. She did not
go off alone and she wanted to 
lay on me.

She ate some of her lunch...but not
it all. I thought maybe I had just given
her a tad more then normal....
but she was also just laying around
during the day. No playing, no
jumping from furniture to furniture
and messing with Dakota.

Today the same. She has laid around
all day. Would not eat much.
Would not play with Dakota and 
he tried to get her to play. 

My daughter works for a vet so
she talked to them and they
told me if she is not better
tomorrow to bring her in. 

I hope everything is fine.

Back to pics....
this was taken tonight of
the two of them.

She gets near him when he sleeps.
If he gets up and leaves the room
she will come from a dead sleep 
to get up and follow him.

At 3 this morning the KING
(Dakota) needed to go out.
He chased one of these off the
porch but this one just sat there.
I have been hearing them for weeks now
and it is not even time for them to 

Ran into a guy at Wally World today that
I have not seen since I left the 
Tn Bureau of Investigation
2 yrs ago.
He was looking at air filters and 
I said, "hard to find what you need
sometimes"...he looked up and replied
not realizing who he was talking to.
I laughed and he looked at me again...
still not hitting him. Then when I 
asked did he not know who I was he
looked hard at me and it hit him.
He was part of the bunch of guys
I used to lunch with.
63 lbs changes a person I

Loving what it has done
for my health.
Love the smaller clothes...

But there are issues that I 
have to deal with now...
See the deep wrinkles
under the chin. 
HAHA....before also I never
saw that deep in the neck and 
I do now.

or the deep at the shoulder blade.
It feels strange when I reach up to
scratch or something!

But its this view that gets me.

NO SLEEVELESS shirts for
me. Wow....look at that sag.

Gotta live with that though, cost to much
to have it removed plus that requires
another surgery.
Guessing I will live with it.

Keep this in mind folks.

Thank you for stopping in, 


Ann said…
Love what you did with both the lights. That first one is really pretty. I agree that the second one looks better without the rings on the globes. The shiny gold just doesn't work for my taste.
Hope Lily is feeling better soon. She is so adorable.
I'm pretty sure I would rather feel lonely than feel like there are monsters or murdering mad men hiding in my
Rhodesia said…
Love the light fittings, you have done a good job.
I hope Lily is better tomorrow but it is not worth taking a chance and better to get her checked.
Is there not creams that you can rub into your skin to tighten it up? Or exercises. You are looking good though so don't give up.
Take care Diane
Both makeovers are great, Pam, very well done.
Sandra said…
I really like that first chandelier, it is beautiful and what deal it was.. I do hope lily is ok and not ill. keep us posted. Jake snores like Dakota, sometimes it wakes me up.. just wait until you are 73 and you will see what sags/wrinkles really look like, I am down 37 pounds and already had sags so now the sags have sags...
Darla M Sands said…
You're so crafty and motivated. And you're beautiful! Don't let a few imperfections bring you down. Hope your baby feels better. And take care of yourself (don't overdo it, okay?)! Love that quote, by the way. That's a fun one, especially for a horror buff like me. Be well, my dear.
Denise inVA said…
Your lights look great and always enjoy your creativity. Hope Lily feels better real soon. I think you are doing great. I always say about my grey hair to my hairdresser, nope, not having color, I like my grey hairs, I earned every one of them, lol!
Sally said…
Well, I guess it explains why I read books that are scary; don't feel so alone. hahaha

The light fixtures look great! And, now we want to see the coffee table. :)

You look great, Pam. I have the flab under my arms also, but it's not from losing weight as much as not exercising like I should. :(

Hope you have a good weekend!

Debbie said…
you are so very creative, i like what you did with the chandeliers!!!

i always tell peeps i am cotton candy, sweet and are learning the props to a little extra weight, no wrinkles!!!

your fur babies are so sweet, have a great weekend!!!
Liz A. said…
Lots of projects. You've done a great job on them.

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