Paintings of Friendship and Fun

Was surfing Pinterest
today looking for something
I had in mind to paint.

No...this was not what I 
was looking for but
I busted out laughing...
I love it!

Here are a few paintings that
I have pinned on Pinterest 
under the title 

The one below I love.

Another fav one.

Yesterday while having my
hair cut I decided that
Kelley, my stylist
needed some Pam
art at her station.

last night
I painted this for
her. She was
off today but
it is sitting at her station
for her tomorrow.

What do you think of this for 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Debbie said…
beautiful, she is going to love it!! all of the art you have pinned is awesome!!!
Liz A. said…
That's great. And those other paintings are fun as well. You'll have to show us what they inspired you to create.
Mildred said…
She will love the painting you graciously created! It's lovely!
Rhodesia said…
I am sure she will love that, perfect for an hairdressing salon. I also love the top one LOL. Take care Diane
Darla M Sands said…
What a delightful gift! You're so thoughtful.
Sally said…
I love the hair art! Such talent, Pam.

The other pics are so cute too!

Sandra said…
I like the HAIR in your hair art, the BIG hair.. to cute.. so if you were suffereing on Pinterest why were you there... LOL.. just kidding, I knew you meant surfing...
I love what you made for her! Heck if she doesn't like it, ....well, better NOT said than said. Y'know what I mean.

you have some cute 'pins'.
Cat Lover said…
Your hair art is wonderful! What a kind thing to do.
Have a great weekend!
Ann Thompson said…
What a nice surprise your hairdresser will go back to find. I like it
Jeanie said…
These are totally ldelightful! Love it!
Red Rose Alley said…
I love love love that art that you painted, Pam.....and the saying! And I was just looking for a picture to go with my friend post coming up. These are cute paintings. And you, my friend, are also a talented artist. Keep it up, would you? I've always wanted to draw or paint or sketch, but no such talent.


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