Visit to Nieces House

When I went out to visit
my niece Paige I visited down
at the barn. 

Paige's spread is growing.
She has a mess of chickens
and roosters.

I like this guy but Paige
said he is really mean.
Said she can be walking
through the barn and 
he will be behind her then
all of sudden he will peck
at her leg.

Not offend anyone but these are
eating chickens.  Matter of
fact Paige and hubby
Adam had one for dinner
the other night.
She has 5 horses of her own and 
there were two others there
that belong to students.
Paige manages the barn at 
She recently received her
masters in Science of

This is Red.
He is about 24 yrs old.
Red has been around for years.

Matter fact Paige used to 
show horses and at one show
that I went to see I gave Red
attention then turned to 
speak to Paige when 
Red decided he wanted 
more attention.....
so he bit me on the

Not sure what this ones name
is. He is a newer horse to Paiges
family. She was standing in front
of him, asked him for a kiss
and he gave her one. 
Just raised his head up and 
bumped with his mouth.
I also got a kiss.

Matter of fact I was greeted
in the house by six dogs
that kissed all 
over me.

This one wanted to eat her shirt.

Paige also has more meat that 
has just moved to the farm.
That would be these 4
little critters.

That is Wilbur out front.
I think he is the main man.

There is also Backstrap, Bacon and
Pork Chop. 
Now if I lived on a farm these
would be come pets. 
Paige is an awesome young
woman, she hunts and has no
problem field dressing her kill.
Not for me but I think it totally
that she does this as well
as any man.

On top of this Paige has
a couple of barn cats.
And when all the fences are 
put up and mended she plans
on getting some cows next yr.

Now that I have discussed 
lets move on to something

he is my doorbell!

Thanks for stopping in, 


S. J. Qualls said…
Nice farm animals! Home raised chickens taste the best! I miss having chickens ...
Cute porkers!
Growing up we had all kinds of critters. We raised cattle in which the chickens, cows, and hogs was for eating as well. My brother still has a mess of chickens. We had some cows when I first married but got out of the cattle business. Now, I just do a little veggie garden! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Darla M Sands said…
I wish I had the nerve to learn how to butcher. It's certainly more honest and fair when I can't see myself ever becoming vegetarian. The closest I came is feeding mice to my pet snake years ago. Go, Paige!
Sandra said…
we have had canine doorbells for 30 years now.. no way to sneak up on this house... loved seeing all the critters and I would starve if I had to kill what I eat. I can hardly eat meat that someone else kills. I know they are meant for food and created for that purpose, but just not something I can do. food chain is very important and her critters all look well cared for. roosters are mean, I have never seen a nice one
Liz A. said…
In other words, Paige is someone you want in your tribe after the zombie apocalypse hits. (Anyone who could survive without the modern world, that is.)
Ann Thompson said…
Ive always thought it would be awesome living on a farm with all those animals. Of course someone else would be doing all the work. As for eating chickens I couldn't kill it or pluck it but I would have no problem eating it. Love the names for the pigs
Cute sign, Pam! I love animals and by no means am I a vegetarian, but I would have a hard time seeing them on my table. Lovely barn of beauties. ♥
Cathy Kennedy said…

What fun to visit your niece's farm! I love the names she given her pigs!! I'm totally not offended if you'll just pass a southern fried chicken leg this way. :) Yum!! I haven't made fried chicken or chicken and dumplings in forever. I really need to correct this in a hurry. Thinking about these foods really isn't good for my diet. :) I want to drop 10 pounds by mid-July with a goal to lose 20 by the end of August. I'll be happy if I get 15 off, though. :) Have a good day and thanks for visiting!
Red Rose Alley said…
What an ornery rooster that is. Wow, five horses! Oh, I've always wanted a horse, Pam. It sounds like Red might be a favorite of yours? How wonderful that you visited your niece on the farm. The things you got to see. : )

Have a good rest of the week.

Rhodesia said…
I love the horse photos but I am totally against hunting of any kind. South African wild life is slowly all moving to the critical list because people do not stop killing them. Enough said I get pretty riled! Keep well Diane

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