My Door and Decorations

Hey fellow bloggers...
I have posted pics of
my front door and back
door before but
I wanted to include it
in this post.

One day when returning home
from California after
a week out there, unlocking
my front door I said aloud
to the dog," There's No Place
Like Home".

It hit me at that time that I
needed to on the front
door. It took me awhile, 
like normal, to get around
to putting it on there...
But I love.

So after that I thought and thought
of something cool to put
on the back door.
I really wanted to go
with something 
from another movie but
most days I have 
brain farts and can't 
think about those
sort of things. 

So after painting the door,
a color matched to the 
bricks around the bottom
of my home, I decided on 
this saying.

Since I retired last July I have
worked at trying to come up with 
a door decoration for each
holiday and in between.

Here is one in between.
Or fall maybe.

This is what is on the door now.
I will be changing it out later
for the 4th of July flag decoration.

Memorial Day, Veterans Day and 
July 4th.

Halloween of course.
Painted on an old ceiling 
fan blade.

Another fan blade, a
Christmas decoration.

Easter decoration
painted on narrow pieces
of board that I attached together.

and then I have this wreath on my
back screen. 

Looks like I need to get busy making some
more stuff.

What holidays am I missing?


Rhodesia said…
Love the paintings on the old fan blades what a great idea. How about Easter holiday. I love the work you do you have great imagination. Glad you like the French doors as well thanks for all the comments. Happy weekend pain free. Diane
S. J. Qualls said…
No idea. Time is moving too fast for me now. I would be changing them a week late - Ha Ha Ha.
Pam, you remind me of my sister. She painted so many lovely things. I love the sayings on your doors! Just the perfect reminder to greet you when you enter. Have a great weekend. ♥
Sandra said…
i love the colors you painted the doors and I think you have covered all the holidays. love the flag best of all.. and the quotes on the doors are perfect
Jeanie said…
You bring such joy and spirit into your home, Pam. It's very happy -- no wonder it is home sweet home!
Mildred said…
I love holiday decor for the door - these are beautiful. I love your painted sayings too. You need a sign for Valentines. Enjoy the weekend.
Ann Thompson said…
You've got to have the best looking door in the neighborhood
Liz A. said…
I think with sayings you just have to wait and let the right one come to you. Nice decor.
Red Rose Alley said…
I absolutely love your door with the saying, "there's no place like home." What a creative idea, Pam. There really is no place like home, is there?


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