More Doors

Just the other day I saw
door! How
cool is that?

we are making progress.
Dakota has even attempted
to play with Lily a few times.

This has been me today...

Course it did not help
that my air went out 
the other night.

Good bud, my friend,
someone I have known since I
was about 12 is in that 
business and he came
today to check it out.
Replaced a cyclinder like
thingy and my charge...
Gotta love friends.

Now back to doors.
Being an artist I would love
to see things like this while
out and about.

Although this one would
be a little freaky.

But I love this below.

I bet there is a lot of love
behind this door.


Wow...this one took work.

I like the one below also.

 which one do you like?

Thanks for stopping in, 


Liz A. said…
Oooh, great doors.
Oh goodness, Pam, how could I ever choose? Such creativity! The piano keyboard really caught my eye. ♥
S. J. Qualls said…
Hmm, not sure I like that assortment - think having a wild (or strange) door, kind of limits your possibilities with other decor. I prefer to have my 'strange' hidden from view, and then the interior is a surprise.
Darla M Sands said…
Hurray for progress between Dakota and Lily, as well as good friends. Nice doors! I like many of them, including the freaky one. ~grin~ Not sure which is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.
Rhodesia said…
Wow those doors are amazing. Seldom do we ever see anything painted on ours but there are a few. Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Wow there are some pretty amazing looking doors there. I like quite a few of them
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, so sorry your air went out, Pam. It's been really hot here lately, almost like a heat wave, but I do have the air going much of the day. These doors are so cool. My favorite ones were the library of books, the red mailbox, and that mermaid! I have a thing for doors too. : )


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