Dakota and Lily

It amazes me where little one
can fall asleep. 

Back of the couch.

Stretched out with Dakota.

Now isn't this sweet?

After running and playing Lily and Dakota 
tore open a bag of clothes that was
going to Goodwill. 

Lily has just proceeded to come into
our home and fit right in. 
I am totally proud of Dakota. He has
excepted her into his home and he has
been the only one for 10 yrs. He is not
having issues sharing his mom either. 
So proud of him. 

I have become a pro at cleaning the 
litter box. Doing it here at home and
at my brothers house and until I got
Lily I had never touched a litter box.

Zora enjoys my visits to feed her.
I get the greeting, the head butt. 

Now isn't she so pretty. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


S. J. Qualls said…
Tacky is a fully black cat also. She's a leg pusher and a body tripper, haha.
Oh, sweet little ones! So glad they are all getting along! Looks like they are now partners in crime, too! haha! x Karen
Jeanie said…
Lily is adorable and it looks like you are becoming a pro. Love it that they are getting on so well!
Darla M Sands said…
Such sweet photos. As a cat caretaker, may I recommend litterbox liners? We went without for years but now it's so much easier when time to dump the whole thing. Wish I'd done it sooner (foolishly wanted to save a few pennies). Be well!
Liz A. said…
I guess Dakota likes having a friend.
Rhodesia said…
So Happy for you that Dakota has settled in so well with Lily. Have a peaceful weekend Diane
Ann said…
Aww, too cute. Good boy Dakota
Sandra said…
so happy for all 3 of you that they love each other. I said awwwww each time I came to a new pic

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