Cat Sitting

Yesterday I posted on my blog
this pic of Zora AKA Becky.

I am going to my brothers
house each day and feeding 
her. I usually hang around
for about 30 mins or so to bond. 

Today she crawled up on me
and bumped her nose with 
mine. I have recently learned
this is a way of greeting me.

This is Zuzu. She is my brothers
other cat and she is staying
at my mom's right now.
She is not so friendly to 
Zora so it was best to
break them up. haha

Three days in a row I have
encountered this baby when
pulling in the drive. 

Mark lives across the street
from the lake. He walks around
the lake a lot and he has a collection
of these in a jar. 

My niece was in a play at
college a few months ago.
These are some of the rocks
they had on stage. Look real
but are not.

The cat painting I did 
for my sis in law last
yr. and the rooster was
the one I recently did 
for Mark. 

Yesterday I posted a tree on 
my blog with shoes pinned
to it. This is another tree
in Marks yard.

Now if you look closely up in the 
branches you will see
more Tonka trucks!

Saw this sitting on the table
today. It was taken about 1.5
yrs ago when Alice Cooper
was here for concert.
That is my brother on the left
and my nephew on the right.

Chase and Alice are friends.
They have golfed together
and spent time together.

Thinking of making
one of these for the deck.

Thanks for stopping in, 


S. J. Qualls said…
Head bumping, rubbing is a sign of affection and acceptance with cats. It's a good thing. :-)

I like the trucks in the tree!
Mildred said…
I love the cat painting you did!

A fun post today. Hope you have a great day.
Jeanie said…
Loving the cats -- and your two-part painting! Oh, I'm glad you are bonding. Cat is very happy indeed!
Sounds like you are having fun cat sitting, Pam. I love your cat silhouette is so charming hung off centered. The trucks in the tree are really something I've never seen! Have a great day. ♥
Rhodesia said…
I love cats but mu husband has an allergy to them ! Diane
Ann Thompson said…
That sign wold be perfect for someone who has shoes on one tree and tonkatrucks in another lol
Liz A. said…
Interesting tree decor. That gives me an idea...
Darla M Sands said…
I'd forgotten about the connection to Alice Cooper. He's someone I'd like to meet. Happy Catsitting!

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