My older brothers bday is
the 23rd. 
Ray will be 60. 

I wanted to set out and find
something special 
to turn into a clock. 
So off I went antiquing!

I love windows.

and clowns!

I actually considered these
for a clock. The bigger one was
priced at 28.00. It would
make a cool clock for over
the fireplace but it was not
really what I was looking for.
So I past it by.


Loved this piece below. It was
heavy too. I was thinking for 
my kitchen but at 45.00 I 
decided I did not need it 
that bad.

This is a tad strange!

And this was a tad stranger!!!

Okay, this one was not as
bad as the one above.

Melmac....did you ever eat off this?
Not sure I ever saw it in pink though.

Took this pic and text it to 
my friend Theresa...
she is from Ky.
But for 75.00 she said
she did not need it that bad.

I love antiques.
But I did not find
what I was looking for.
I was on the search for
a rusted round saw blade
or an antique camera that
I could turn into a clock. I need to make
him a wooden clock 
I guess. 

Now....I had been on the 
search for a baby bed spring.
The last one I got I picked
up at an antique store
for 5.00.

Did  not find one on my visits
the other day but on the
way home from feeding
my brothers cat I past one
thrown out by someones trash.
Yep....I got it.

What was I needing another
one for?

I pulled this pic from the
internet to show you what
I want to use it for.

The one I got before has
made an awesome trellis
in the garden.
This one I found will work 
great to hang my pots on!

There are those days that
I really do feel this way!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Mildred said…
Love that last saying!
I turn 60 this year just like your brother. The camera or saw blade would have been cute as a clock. You'll have to share what you make. Always fun to ramble thru a thrift or antique store. I like the springs for a pot holder!
sage and spirit said…
Oh my gosh that bedspring idea is the best!!!! Do you mind if I borrow it?
S. J. Qualls said…
There is a line between antiques and old junk - so many things have crossed the line and few people noticed.

I like the crib spring idea, yep, I may have to go there.
Rhodesia said…
Wow you have a great eye, sorry though that you did not find what you wanted. An old saw blade would be amazing. Diane
Jeanie said…
I think I would have had to have had one of those windows! I liked them all!
Ann Thompson said…
I like antique stores but most things are priced too high for me.
Liz A. said…
I have in the back of my mind an idea to knit a clock. I can knit a circle or a square and maybe embroider numbers. It's still in the idea stage, so I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to do.
Darla M Sands said…
Nice photos. Sorry you didn't find the item you had in mind to work with. Be well!
I love going to places like this. I usually don't find what I want, but something else catches my eye. I hope you'll share the clock you make. ♥
Debbie said…
such a great shop!! i do like that last sign!!!
rofl on the apple a day!!!

As for the baby crib, who'da thought of a trellis!?!! That idea is genius. I have a few circular saw blades in the garage. Too bad you're not near me. But on second thought, Bud would probably protest the idea.

Boy howdy, I'd LOVE to go antiquing with you.
Red Rose Alley said…
So many interesting things at the antique shop. I enjoy browsing through antique shops also. A camera clock, how fun. I hope you find what you're looking for, Pam.

Enjoy the rest of these June days.


ps you lost so much weight, and you look great. Way to go, my friend. : )

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