Holly's Grad Party - Part 2

Today we had a party for
Holly from her hard
work of 4 years at UT

I thought it would be neat to
get a journal and have
everyone sign it.

The boards I made for Holly.

UT Knoxville colors.

The graduate.

My silly nephew Cobi

Camera HOG....haha
Cobi again.

my nephew Chase got Holly
the Vandy shirt since he
Vandy and she graduated
from UT.

My niece's hubby
Adam play indoor
football for the
Philadelphia Souls.


HAHA....my brother and
his daughter, Holly.

Holly and her grandmother on
moms side.

Holly and Cole.
Cole is Chase's son and
Chase is Holly's cousin.

Holly's long time friend Amy and
Amy's mom.

Holly's uncle, cousin, and aunt.

Haha....love this shot.
Holly, her mom and Amy.

Holly, Susan (Chases wife),
Cole and Chase.

Holly socking Chase...
(pretend sock)

My mom and my nephew Chase.

Left to right..
My grandson Caleb, Jessy,
Chandler, my daughter Amber,
her boyfriend Will and

(Jessy, Chandler and Namath are
3 of Will's boys. The other one
stayed home today.

The boys again.

Amber, Caleb and Holly.

This is the first pic someone has
taken since I lost weight.
This is me and Holly.

It was a busy today. I stayed and
helped clean things up and I am tired.

Thanks for stopping by,


S. J. Qualls said…
I imagine you are exhausted. It sounds like a fun day and lots of it!
(I sure could got for a piece of that cake!)
Denise inVA said…
These photos are great Pam. You have a sweet family and I love the creative touches you made for the party. Congratulations to Holly.
Ann said…
Looks like she had a great party. I love the grad glasses.
baili said…
Lovely event,congratulations to holly.
Amazing food and beautiful family gathering.
Sally said…
Congratulations to Holly. Such an awesome accomplishment!

You look great in the photo, Pam. :)
Darla M Sands said…
What a lovely family! I hope you feel rested up today and aren't in pain so you can enjoy yourself. ~hugs~ I know you always have lots of neat projects in mind.
Sandra said…
cool grad glasses and lots of fun family memories here

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