Holly's Big Day, Paige's Master, and Jessica's Job

I  am so very proud
of all my nieces.
Holly graduated with
a BA in Communication.
Paige got her Masters.
And Jessica started her
contract job yesterday.

Great ladies.

Today mom and I headed
2.5 hours away to K-Town AKA
Knoxville to UT for
Holly's graduation.

We went first to her apartment.
Check out this view!


OMG....look at this.
Just seems like yesterday that
she was born and I was holding
her in my arms.
And it don't seem that long
ago that she graduated
High School.

Dressed and starting
to walk the floor.

Okay....she says she is
ready to go.

Holly and my mom.

She had a great turn out.
Her mom and dad.
Memaw, Aunt Patty,
boyfriend Ryan and his
mom, my mom and me.

Holly, her mom and roommate.

This is Paige.
She graduated from
Western Ky a few
years ago but we found
out recently that she has
earned her Master's.
I will have to check on what that
title is. Not really sure.

She was in Ga. today
for a dog show.

And this is Jessica.
She graduated from college
MTSU a few years ago
and started a contract
job yesterday.

The girls are doing
I am so proud of them all.

Thank you for stopping in for
a visit,


S. J. Qualls said…
Congratulations to your wonderful girls. (I imagine you can picture them a little girls, still.) :-)
Debbie said…
it's always so nice to see them do so well!! happy girls, with their whole lives in front of them. you took some great pictures!!!
Nasreen said…
Sounds great! Congratulations on your girls!
Sandra said…
congratulations to all 3 girls and to the family that supported them
Sally said…
Truly beautiful and intelligent nieces you have, Pam. And, it seems they are surrounded by a loving family; most important. Congrats ladies!
Liz A. said…
Congrats on the graduation(s).
sage and spirit said…
Congrats to all those beautiful young women!
Ann said…
Congratulations to all three girls. Best of luck them as they follow their chosen paths

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