Garden Surprises

Good afternoon.

I have not been for a walk
around the yard in days.
But I grabbed the big
camera today and took a

Here is a bloom off the
plant my daughter got me
for Mothers Day!

I love the color, the shape
just the whole look of it.

Yay...this was a surprise.
My first blooming Day Lily!

More Day Lilies to bust out.

My Hosta are getting
close to blooming!

I love the Lavender!

Another surprise when
I checked the yard.

My fav of all time bush
is about to bloom.

The colors are amazing on my four
bushes. This one appears
to be pink but on the same
bush I usually have blue, and
purple blooms!
Hoping to have some great
blooms the year.
Last year these great bushes
did not even bloom at all.
2010 was an amazing year for them.
We had the floods the first of May
and the creek water did them wonders!

Now...this was a BIG surprise!
I think I planted this last yr. but
had forgotten!

HAHA....nope the next
pic was not a surprise!
But it was hanging there
so I shot it!

Thanks for coming by for a visit,


Mildred said…
Hi Pam, You have a nice selection of plants. Our hydrangea that was here when we moved in last year has just started turning color. I love your photos. Glad you could get out and enjoy a walk around the flowers. Have a nice weekend.
Lovely flowers, Pam. The calla lily blooms are so pretty. I'm afraid my hydrangeas will not be blooming much this year as we had a late freeze. Your's look like they are going to be beautiful! Have a great weekend. ♥
Liz A. said…
Oooh, those first couple of blooms look orange...
Ann said…
Love them all, they're all so pretty. I'll have to take a look around my yard and see what's blooming. The last time I looked my hydrangea bush wasn't looking so healthy
Jeanie said…
You garden is lovely, Pam. What joy it must bring you!
Denise inVA said…
I too loved them all Pam, great photos! Wish I had those in my yard. Time to get planting :)
Debbie said…
you are ahead of me, just a little. i don't have any flowers yet on my day lilies but i have lot's coming!! i like that first, orangish bloom, it's a pretty color!!!!

my hydrangea are in the exact same place!! have a happy weekend!!!
Darla M Sands said…
Lovely! I wish we could grow hydrangeas and azaleas. Our soil is way too alkaline. Amendments are costly and ineffective, too. ~sigh~ Thanks for sharing!
Sandra said…
your flowers are wonderful and that last surprise is all over our yard and when I walk through one I about have a fit. those tiny star shaped spiders make me crazy
Rhodesia said…
I have lots of bud on my day lily, any moment soon :-) Diane

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