Finger/Blood Blister Update

Sometime ago I developed
a small tiny blood blister on my
right pinky finger.

While working in my room
moving things around
I ripped that small tiny
blister open.

I thought it would never stop
bleeding. Every time I went to change
the bandage it would bleed really
bad again.

Finally at some point it started
to heal. It looked like a normal sore
where it had a crusty area around
the sore. Once again, I hit it and ripped
it open again.

It started looking a tad different at that
point. From that point on it got larger
and it was really raised. Sort looked
like a brain developing on the
end of my finger..haha

I called and made an apt with
my dermo doc. They could not see
me for 2 weeks.
Last week I called and got on
the cancelation list.
But with it beginning to look worse and
worse I went on their website
and told them how bad it was
getting and wondered if I
could be seen sooner.

Today at one I got a call and
they wanted to see me at 3:10.

I got there early and was taken right back at 2:35.
I guess I find it funny that there was only
me and two other people in
the lobby and they got me back early....
but they could not work me in till
June 1!

Anyway, it has a LONG MEDICAL name
but what it amounts to is a cluster of
blood vessels that were injury in
some sort of trauma.
Apparently starting a blood blister
and it went through trauma when
that got ripped open.

I will save you the sick tummy issues
by showing what it ended up
looking like.
But it has been removed.
Three nice shots of numbing
meds, a blade to remove
it and then it was

I will be wearing this bandage
all weekend. Trying to keep
it from being hit and keep
it dry.

The doc did tell me that she was
cauterizing it really well because
these things can come

Once again.....if anything strange
can happen it will
happen to me!

OUCH...the pain meds are wearing
off and the pinky
is throbbing.

Oh yes, it has been sent to the
lab to be sure that it is what
she though it was and
nothing else.

Thanks for stopping in,


Denise inVA said…
Good grief, I am so glad you were able to get it taken care of Pam, sounds awful! I have never heard of this happening before. It's been an education, thank you!
Anonymous said…
I am glad you got in today. I was hoping you would not have to wait til June.
I hope this will take care of it and you will begin to feel better soon.
I wish you a nice weekend.
I'm so glad you could get in to see the doctor and get it taken care of. I sure hope it is feeling better soon. ♥
Liz A. said…
Yikes. Glad it's been taken care of.
First time here of this.
Coffee is on
Sandra said…
YAY for them fitting you in and sorry for the pain. hope the one time removal will last forever... this is on the odd list of things I have never heard before...
Darla M Sands said…
I said a prayer that it's nothing more serious. Ouch!
What a wacky thing! Glad it's being taken care of.
Jeanie said…
I'm glad that it has been removed and that they are sending it to the lab just to ensure you don't have MRSA or some other infection with it. What a relief.

Now you can enjoy your weekend!
Betsy Adams said…
Gosh--never heard of such a thing... Glad you finally did go to the doctor.... Hope it NEVER comes back.

Try to enjoy your weekend, my Friend.
Sally said…
So glad you went to the doctor. I can feel your pain now, and hopefully it will begin to heal.

Dr's offices are notorious for making appointments; you either have to wait a very long time before he sees you (way past your appointment time) or as you described right away if you go early. The time before last, I was there at my appointment time, and the entire group, plus others that got there, all were seen before me. When, at last I investigated my chart had not been put in the window. My doc was furious!

Take of that finger!
Rhodesia said…
Wow, a major issue in the end. Glad that they fitted you in. I had a bad rash a couple of years back that the GP said I must see a specialist. That appointment took so long that the rash had finally gone by the time I was due to see her! Is till do not know what caused it!! Hope the finger soon gets better. Take care Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Glad you were able to finally get it taken care of

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