Another Graduation, A Painting, A Frog and A Good Read

All of the above, all in one day!

Last night I started a painting, a donation
to an auction for a little boy fighting cancer.
Cash is an amazing young boy that has
been through so much this past year.

His hometown in East Tennessee is
having an auction for Cash. His grandma's
cousin, one of my best friends asked me if
I wanted to donate to the cause.

I thought a painting of an angel would
be really nice.

I sketched her out last night and
painted the background.

Then I went to bed!

Today I started painting her. A painting usually
don't look great when you first start painting
on it. Yep...thinking it is not looking
that great at this point.

But after all the paint and brush strokes she looks
pretty good!

So what do you think?

On my way out of the house this
morning I wanted to yell...

Got to mom's to drop Dakota off and pick
mom up and I saw this little guy.
He was such a bright green it was hard
to miss him.

While waiting on mom to come out I decided
to take the pic below.
Such an interesting plant if you think about

Mom and I headed to my great nephew's graduation
program from Kindergarten.

That is Cole standing there in the tan shorts and blue
button up shirt....4th over from the right.

Opening my card to him.

He is such a cutie!

One more graduation to go- my youngest grandson
has a program Friday since he is moving to 1st grade
like Cole. They are only 6 months apart.

Then I have a party for my niece Holly that
graduated last week. Then that should be it!

Yesterday I went to Dollar General and they
had a lot of books for sale. I have read this
author before so I decided for $3 it would be
a decent read. I started last night and it seems
to be good so far.

When leaving Dollar General I looked up and
saw the most amazing clouds. I love clouds.


Oh....and how could I have forgotten
the good news....

This morning I hit the 50 lb

YEP....I am HAPPY!

Thank you for stopping in,


Sally said…
You look wonderful, Pam! An amazing feat.

I'm glad to know that where you live they have ceremonies for the little's like they do in one of our counties where my great grand's live. Congratulations to all of the graduates!

I do like Janet E's books as a rule, and have been known to buy a few from DG when the library is closed or I just don't want to go there. :)

Mildred said…
You look lovely! Congrats to you!
I've read many of Evanovich's books and like them.
Your angel painting is so sweet. I love the way it turned out and what a great cause.
Our family has a few graduations and birthdays these last weeks of May, too.
Hope you have a good evening.
S. J. Qualls said…
Cute Angel, that'll work.
Cole is a darling, congratulations!
Pretty frog.
Good for you! I see you have a star crown. :-)
Congratulations on your weight loss, Pam. It's a hard thing to do! I really enjoyed seeing your angel painting progress. How nice you are donating her. Cancer is no respecter of young or old. I do hope your little friend will beat it! Have a great week. ♥
Jeanie said…
I love your angel and I think it will go very quickly at the Auction. What a kind and generous thing to do.
Amy Ellis said…
Pam, your angel is precious, and what discoveries outdoors. That's the greenest frog ever. So cute!!
Darla M Sands said…
You look fantastic! I hope you feel as good as you and those lovely clouds look. I'm a celestial fan, too. You have a beautiful family, though I would never heave the patience for all those outings. I'd rather be writing. ~wince~ I'll probably regret that once I'm in a nursing home all alone.
Liz A. said…
Congrats. Busy day. The angel turned out great.
Sandra said…
you are looking fantastic. I love Janet E and have real almost all of her books. the young grad is adorable and we once yelled get a room to raccoons in our tree... I pray that everything donated to Cash will sell for lots of cash
Betsy Adams said…
Hey Pretty lady... You look awesome. Has the weight loss helped you yet with your other physical problems.? Hope so.

Congrats on the 'graduations' in your family....

Love the angel painting. You are SO talented.

Ann Thompson said…
I love your painting. Congrats on hitting the 50 pound mark. Thats fantastic
Al said…
Quite the day - that frog is so vivid!
Awesome on hitting the 50 pound mark. I loved the artwork.

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