Weight Update

Good Afternoon!

It is a nice fine rainy day
Yesterday 84, sunny and a
lot of wind.
Today, 53, cold and rainy.

I posted these two pics
on my blog the other day
but I am posting again..

This was me after I lost 11 lbs and
after my surgery.
The last week of Feb.

This is me just a few days ago.

Can't wait till the last of that
belly is gone. Just
taking time.

Took mom to the eye doc the
other day and while she was
seeing the doc I looked down
at my legs and thought,
wow, those look thinner.
I do not have a before shot but
I see the difference.

This is how I used to have
to sit due to the tummy
overlapping the lap.
Yep, I had the done lap
My belly done lapped
over! haha

But now I realize that I
can cross my legs and
sit like this!

I am loving the way it
all feels.

Today I had an apt. with
my weight doc.
Don't believe the numbers
you see on the scale below!

I am pleased to announce that
I am down 27 lbs since my
surgery on Feb. 21st.
But I lost 11 before so I
am actually down a total of
38 since starting this
process in my life.

I was really shocked since my
doc has no bed side manner,
but today he seemed pleased.
Said he is pleased with the
amount of weight I have
lost and said to keep
it up.
YAY again.

Let me say though that
it has not been easy!
I have cheated and
taken a bite or two
of somethings not on my
list. But, all I have to
say for myself is ....
I could not help it!

Anyway, I can have
chicken, tuna and
fish for my proteins.
I have to have 3 meals
consisting of this each day.
If I have room there are
certain veggies I can
have with it.
BUT protein first.

The problem is that I

I don't care how you try
to cover it the taste,
it is still tuna.

I can say with much strength that
when all this is said and done, I
will NEVER put a bite of tuna in
my mouth again.

Another issue, I don't care for fish.
Fried - okay.
Baked or broiled not so much.

That does it for the fish market...
But I am also not a fan of chicken esp
if I have to cook it.
Raw chicken to me is nasty looking.

Now if I am out and get fried chicken I am

If I buy it roasted I am okay.

I just don't like to handle it.
I know...silly.

But  you know what, I am pushing
through all this. I have
actually bought some salmon
steaks to cook and
I have been eating the chicken I
cook but I do find it easier to
buy one already roasted.
I don't like to cook either.

Next, I have to suck down 64
ounces of liquid.
Water being the best.

And unsweet, decaf tea.

I can use Stevia so that helps.

I like lemon in my water but
now so much my tea.

I like orange in my tea.

But as of yet I can not use
orange in my tea but I can use
lemon so I have been using it.

Yet with all the issues
I am still down 38 lbs.
I am pleased.
Doc is pleased!

I don't go back to him
till the end of May but
I weighted in on my scales
this morning, then his and
they are sitting at the same
number! That helps me
know where I am.

Where do I see it the most.
Tummy is some but it will probably
be the last place I loss it all.
My jaw bone, I feel it now!
I actually have smaller cheeks.
I can see it in my shoulders, they
are not as wide as they were.
But....haha, actually in my
BUTT is where I see the most.
Did not have one to start with,
and sitting on hard surfaces now
I can tell what little bit I had is
now gone.

Next, I think I will make apt
with my regular doc to have
my liver levels checked to
see where those are setting now.
They have to be doing so much

Anyway, thanks for coming to visit,
reading about my journey.
And please come back anytime,


Sally said…
Pam - we have only just 'met' but it sounds to me you're doing wonderfully! It's always great to read and know that someone is dealing with whatever they need or want to. I salute you! :)
S. J. Qualls said…
Yay! That's super! Good idea to sync your and the doc's scales.
Have you looked at any new clothes yet? Something splashy to go with spring and your new jewelry. Oh, the prospects!
Mildred said…
So very happy for you. Awesome job with the weight loss and you look great! I do not especially like fish, can't stand tuna, and don't like to look at raw chicken!!! Keep up the good work.
sage and spirit said…
I do admire your determination! Congrats on the weight loss! And I can sympathize with your thoughts on tuna....it's not my favorite food either.
Well done! You must feel like a new person.
Nancy Chan said…
Congratulations to you! You are doing great and you have great determination! I do eat tuna but only once in a while. I too need to cut down my weight, most are concentrated on my bottom and thighs. Keep it up, Pam and I hope I can make some progress too!
Good for you, Pam! That's a great accomplishment and the best thing is that you are feeling better, too. I can eat tuna if it is water-packed white albacore with light mayo and chopped celery. The 'light' tuna is yucky and fishy. Try frozen tenderloin chicken and bake it frozen with some kind of light sauce (sweet and sour, etc.) or fat free cream of chicken soup, undiluted with a little poultry seasoning, covered, for 30-40 minutes. Or throw the frozen tenderloins in a pot of water and bring just to a boil, remove from heat and cover and let sit for an hour. This poaches them and they are so tender and ready for salad, or in recipes that call for cooked chicken. You never have to handle slimy raw chicken again :) xx Karen
Congrats Pam on your wonderful progress and Sticking to your new eating plan as hard as it can be sometimes. Those of us who also struggle with weight issues can certainly appreciate and applaud your victories in seeing the scale numbers decrease!
Darla M Sands said…
You are a true inspiration. Keep up the great work! And congratulations, of course.
Debbie said…
hi pam - this is the first i am reading about your surgery...it sounds like you are doing quite well. i know many people who have had this done, and i know it is not easy. stay focused, you look amazing but always remember, it's what's in your heart that counts!!!
Jeanie said…
That's wonderful and you are inspiring me, Pam. This surgery stuff means at least until it happens I have to eat very healthy. It's pretty boring -- but it might be the best thing that ever happened if it jumpstarts something. I love your new lap!
SweetMarie said…
hi Pam, so happy for you! what kind of surgery did you have? I'm having thyroid issues and have gained 20lbs in the past two years. I'm trying to follow a sorta kinda paleo diet. I don't like handling meat, but especially chicken, so you're not alone. :) God got me through all the years raising my son and cooking dinner at least five nights a week, but now hubby cooks almost all the raw meat for us. lol
I went to buy mahi mahi from Publix and it the cost was $30 a pound!! they are crazy! I need to eat chicken and fish so I think we'll check out Fresh Market's prices.
I'm only buying organic and grass fed now. Just started eating kale. It's really good with just a bit of ranch. :)

have a great day!

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