Good evening blogger friends!

Yesterday I went to Dollar
General and picked up a
new door matt.
Today I remembered to
put it out.
Loved the pattern and
the colors.

After the rough day of doing
nothing yesterday due to the
rain, cold and fibro pain I wanted
to manage to get something done today.

Keeping in mind that not only did
I not nap yesterday after getting up
at 8, I was unable to sleep last night.
So, I have been up since 8
on Sunday morning and it is now
10:30 Monday night. I have yet to
close my eyes. Not only is fatigue a
symptom of Fibro, so is not
being able to sleep.

Still in pain this morning I wanted
to try and work through some
of the pain  and since I have had
the wood for months for this
I decided to go for it.

My sofa table.

What made this simple project so
hard is I do not have the space to
work. I have all the tools...
just no shop.

Anyway it is done, got to poly coat
it and move it into the house.
And did it help me work through the

Moving on.

Been looking at my phone for
months now knowing that I needed
a new look.

Now here is the secret...
go purchase a clear case
that fits the back of the phone.
Pick out your fav scrap
book paper and cut it
to fit the inside of the
clear case. When I was
working I changed out for
every holiday.

Check out my new look..

I have several friends that
have chickens. It became
legal to have chickens in
a subdivision where I live
a few years ago.
Treva is the only one
that actually lives out
on land and she has
7 donkeys.

And a BUNCH of chickens and
Due to the rain over the weekend
she did not go out and
collect eggs so today with
the sunshine she got 75 eggs.
She used to sell but now she
just gives them away.
I DON'T eat them but I have
friends that do so I yelled
out to them about wanting some.
I even went out and picked them

After doing the
egg run don't sound as
cute. Before moving on
let me say that Treva has
9 dogs and about 20 some odd
cats. All the cats live in a cat
condo, all fenced in.

Anyway I headed to my friend
Theresa's house to drop off
her eggs. As I was driving home
I saw the sun setting and I live
right over by the lake so
since I had my camera with me
I headed to the lake.

Wow....I love this area over
near my younger brothers house.
I have always gotten some
amazing sunsets over this lake.

And with that said, I am closing for
now in hopes that sleep will come

Thank you for always stopping by
and leaving such amazing comments,


Liz A. said…
I had heard of that trick for the phone case. I could never make it work, though. I think the paper I used was too thick or something.
Sandra said…
totally awesome sunset pics!!! I love Dollar General and it is only 6 tenths of a mile from my front door. I must say this is a first for me, seeing a decorated phone case... I must live under a rock... that is a lot of eggs to give away, I am wondering if she could find a place that feeds the homeless, we have one here that takes food donations and eggs would be wonderful..
Darla M Sands said…
Bless your heart! I hope you are getting some sleep and will wake up with as little pain as possible. You're so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your story and the amazing pictures. Awesome phone case design!
Jeanie said…
That's a great mat! It reminds me I need a new one at the cottage and I need to check them out when I get north!

What fabulous sunsets!
S. J. Qualls said…
Chilly, isn't it?
Know what you mean about the no sleep nights. I like your sofa table. Good job!
Sigh ... chickens, I'd love some, except for the work. :-)
Lovely sunset!
Rhodesia said…
Interesting post and wow those sunsets are amazing. Hope the pain is going away, take care Diane
sage and spirit said…
Beautiful sunset photos! Hope you're feeling better and getting some sleep. x
Sally said…
Goodness gracious - not being able to sleep - and in pain! I hate that for you, and hope last night you were able to get some rest.

My great granddaughter decorated the back of my phone, otherwise I'd fix mine up like yours!

The DG opened a store real near us, and it just makes it too easy spend money! :)

Take care, feel better, Pam.

Red Rose Alley said…
That is a cool door mat. Sometimes I find the best stuff at the dollar store. Pam, these sunsets are really beautiful, especially with the lake in the distance. You take wonderful pictures.


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