This, That, The Other and Whatever

This is going to be a totally
random post, because
to be honest, that is
how my mind usually
and at times all
over the place!
In a conversation you
would probably find it
hard to keep up, I
jump from this to that and
all over!

So randomly I am starting
with todays post.
It was a rainy morning and
Dakota nor
I was happy.

We laid around the better part
of the day.
Course I need to keep in mind that
it has only been a little
over a month since I had
my insides moved around
and cut on....
and Sat. and Sunday
I spent time moving
furniture around and
trying to organize
the two guest rooms.
I have so much work ahead of
me....I needed the rest

Saturday I went to visit my
baby girl.
With the past
year I have not
given her the attention
that I would like to give
her that she would rather
not have! haha

Isn't she beautiful.
Misfire is about 24 yrs

HAHA...I just found this
funny the other day
when Caleb and I
were in the dollar
A baby
Okay, not so funny but

While visiting Misfire I visited
with my old


My sweet baby,
Leonard or
Lenny to me!

and then there is the newbe

LOL....okay since most of you
have not been following me long
I will tell you that a couple
years ago I was dating
a man that has 13 acre.
He has a full time
job with Metro but
he also runs a small
engine repair on his land.
Mowers mostly.

He started out with Leonard
(no he is not mine but I call
him my baby).
Then with that he ended up
5 pigs. All supposed
to be pot belly or minis.
Be careful what you purchase.
Most of the others came to him
because they got bigger than
the owner thought they would.

Back over the summer he lost
Razor to a heat and Wilbur
(the farm fav). We never
found Wilbur or his body.
He was bad about wandering off
since non are caged.

Since then he acquired Sheba.
2 girls and 2 boys now.

Speaking on pot belly....
me right after surgery.


Me now.
Doc apt this week so I will
find out the true weigh in.

Next random thought...
Since my surgery I feel so
much better than I did in the
past. I think it has to do with
My fibromyalgia is kicking
in and working over time but
my mind is not as fogged
as before.

With that said, being retired and
having more time on my hands I
think of things I wish to do..

Behind that wall....

is a lot of storage! Storage I can not get to.
To the right where  you see the white
doors is my laundry closet.
To the left is the stairs, and all
that storage is under the stairs.
I have always kept Holiday items
under there but it requires me climbing
over the washer to get to them.
With some work done to another
area of the house I was able
to finally access some storage
that was just sitting there before.

But it bothers me that is under stairs and
I can't use it. I thought about
moving the secretary (that's
another issue as to where it would go),
and cutting a door next to the
laundry closet doors.
Decided that would not work so
then I thought about opening
up the wall and doing this

HAHA...see, I am all over the place!
But with this I could move my
office out of the guest room
and down to the living room.
Issue, I have time but with the
retirement time, I have less
funds then I did when I worked
and some hospital bills to
take care of first.

Guessing this will go on the
back burner for a while!

One more thing....special
shout out to Mike, a friend
of mine for HEALING
my laptop from that nasty
virus it caught.

Thanks for stopping in
and randomly following me,



S. J. Qualls said…
It truly was a good day to lie around.
Nice mare, cool name.
So, your BF has the pigs ...
Are you supposed to be moving heavy stuff around?
Darla M Sands said…
You are a frenetic joy. Be well!
Nancy Chan said…
There are times we can't do anything except to laze around and do nothing. Nice to have your furry friend as company. Lovely horse with a unique name. You keep pigs? We have pigs when I was a small girl and I love to play with them. Oh Pam, I think you better refrain from moving heavy stuff for a while until you are fully healed.
Jeanie said…
I'm getting ready to one of those mish mash posts, too! Sometimes you just have to and I really enjoyed this one! I especially love your fabulous mini-office! It looks perfect there!
Sandra said…
so glad you had Mike to kill that virus. no computer would be a really bad thing. the office space looks great to me. and I would love to visit all the pigs and the horse..
Liz A. said…
Love the understairs office idea. Hopefully the funds to get this accomplished will find you.

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