Photos from the Past - My Middle Grandson, DJ

Yes, I have

This is my middle boy, DJ.

And yes, they all three
have the great

My brothers dog Moose
walking with DJ. 

Giving his mad face.

  Dakota don't mind DJ so much
since DJ is nice and easy with him. 

At granny's (my mom)
and he likes to feed the babies.


DJ is 8 yrs old now.
So that gives me a 6 yr
old with Braden, 
8 with DJ and 
16 with Caleb.

If you missed the names...
my daughters an A
Braden is the B
Caleb is the C
DJ is the D.

Their birthdays are
Sept., Oct., Nov and

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sandra said…
and all our boys are handsome. i call there eyes electric blue when i see movie stars with eyes like these.. my son has blue but his are faded blue not brilliant blue
S. J. Qualls said…
What a sweet little guy!
Rhodesia said…
Wow such beautiful blue eyes. Some great photo memories here. Have a good week Diane
Precious!!! All of them [including the fur babies!]

I have two grandsons...and soon to be granddaughter in-law [a little over a month from now!]
Anonymous said…
Such lovely blue eyes. Cute photos.
We married late in life and don't have children/grands. You are very blessed!
Al said…
Aren't grandchildren great? I've got three too!
Denise inVA said…
Awwww, sweet, sweet photos of your grandsons Pam. Such expressive faces and the dogs are so cute too.
Liz A. said…
How cute. Maybe you'll get some great granddaughters...
Nancy Chan said…
Beautiful blue eyes! Such a cute little grandson growing up into a handsome young man. No grand kid for me yet because my sons are not married yet. Have a wonderful day!
Marco Luijken said…
Hello Pam,
What a sweety that little one. So cute.
And what a tough guys are the others. You must be happy with them.

P.S. I have 2 grandchilds. Two boys.

Best regards,
Darla M Sands said…
Sweet faces. Thank you for sharing.
Betsy Adams said…
Adorable boys.... Love those blue eyes.... I was the only girl in a famly of boys.. Then I had 3 sons (no daughters) ... But--my sons have given me some granddaughters... I'll never forget my first granddaughter... SUCH excitement for me!!!!! (My sons have a total of 5 kids: 3 girls and 2 boys.. Crazy thing though is that I get along better with the boys than I do the girls!!! Guess I know how to raise boys!!!!!! ha)

Debbie said…
WoW!! what a cutie, so expressive, his personality is evident!!

i don't have any yet but i have two great nieces that i adore!!!
Red Rose Alley said…
How wonderful that you have three grandsons. I love how you captured some the their face expressions. And the picture with the little one setting up the candles really got to me. Sons are dear to us moms.


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