Nephew and Great nephew

This is my great nephew, Cole.
He is the spitting image of
his dad.

He is also a
Vandy fan like his dad.
Matter of fact he is wearing his
dad's old shirt.

In this pic he is also wearing
a t-shirt
Chase Montgomery -
a car racer and his
dad, my nephew.

Chase started out in ACRA,
went to BUSCH and
ended his racing days
in Craftsman trucks,
racing his team member
Bobby Hamilton.

This is Cole when he was 3
weeks old.
I might be talented with a
camera but when it comes
to babies, I can't swing it.


Chase started racing at the age of 14. Racing
on a track you don't have to be 16 and you
can race without a license.
His aunt Pam is the one
who taught him to drive a
stick shift so that he could
take to the tracks!!

He was 17 when he sat on the pole
in Daytona.
He won his only race in ARCA
in Daytona.
See attached video.

At the time he won, he was in racing for
Montgomery Motorsports (my
brothers company) and Alice Cooper.
Yes, the Alice Cooper.

I will never forget the day Chase
told me that he was racing in
sponsorship with Alice Cooper.
My mouth flew open and I asked,
"the rocker Alice Cooper"?

Chase and Alice are now friends.
They have golfed together
and they talked together.
Last year when Alice was in concert
here in Nashville, Chase got
tickets for him and my
younger brother Mark to
go and they were allowed backstage!

I have been looking through pics to
locate a pic I have of Chase's win
and Mark, Chase and Alice
from last year but having no

Are you a racing fan and do you
remember Chase?

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
Cute boy!
I have no clue about Chase, am not a racing fan.
Nancy Chan said…
I am sure Cole is so proud of his dad and am I sure you are also glad that you taught Chase to drive and got him onto the racing track. Bravo! You played a very important part in his life!
Darla M Sands said…
Nice looking family. And how cool to know Alice Cooper! I understand he is a super nice guy. Thanks for sharing!
Sandra said…
I am not a racing fan but live with a former racer and if it has wheels and goes he is a fan. will ask him if he knows Chase.. bet he does. he will not know who Alice is but I do...

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