Misfire - The Story

I have not had Misfire
her whole life but
just the last couple
of years.

I am not sure where
she was born but
I do know where
my brother located her.

With that said, lets go
back a couple of years.

I started dating a guy that
lived on a "farm". He
has pigs and horses.
Although he rents the barn
to a guy that trains horses
he chooses to not have
any of his own.

Chris, the guy I dated bought the
farm from his mother after his
father past away.

In talking with my sis in law, Lori,
who was the owner of Misfire she
asked where Chris lived.

I gave the name of the road and
she smiled and proceeded to
tell me exactly where the
house was and the color of the
Course I was shocked and
wondering how she knew.
She then told me that
was the farm Misfire
came from.

My brother bought Misfire
from Chris' dad.
 She was about 7
at the time and Lori had
her for about 15 years.

She had always been in the pasture
with other horses but
when Jack, the last
one died Misfire was
all alone. That bothered
me and Lori.

Okay, to get to the point.
Misfire was given to me
and Chris allows me to
keep her there at his place.
When the guy that rents the
barn feeds his horses he
feeds her also. She is happy
there and she totally loves
me when I take her apples!!

Other then that, Misfire likes to
be left alone. She does like to
be brushed, UNTIL she has
had enough! Misfire calls
the shots!

I just think it is funny that
she is now on the farm
that she came from
when my brother got her.

Chris and I are not together
anymore but we are still
good friends. I visit
Misfire a lot.

Thanks for stopping in,


Nasreen said…
I liked reading this...very poignant words. Thanks for sharing!
S. J. Qualls said…
I think it was probably nice for her to be back to familiar surroundings. Also good that Chris isn't the petty sort and you didn't have to move Misfire.
My neighbor has a couple of horses that I like to watch running around.
Darla M Sands said…
Nice! What a beauty. And a cool story.
Jeanie said…
That's a great story, Pam. What a wonderful homecoming. I'm glad you didn't have to upset her apple cart with another move. She's beautiful.
Sandra said…
Misfire is gorgeous and I love the name, and the story. glad she is back home and has other horses around to talk to... do you ride her? or is she to old to ride?
I love that Misfire has come full circle to her forever home. Bless you for being so kind. xo Karen
Al said…
What a great-looking horse, it sounds like she has lots of personality.
Debbie said…
awww, ending up where the story began!! she is a beauty and what a great story!!!
Liz A. said…
I was wondering from the previous post why you'd still have Misfire at a farm of an ex. This explains it.
Great story Pam. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sally said…
A lovely story!

Thanks for visiting me also. :)
Rhodesia said…
I miss not having horses anymore. Take care Diane

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