Dog Crossing

Been fighting the seasonal
head crap. fibro pain and no energy
for the last couple of
days, but I wanted to do
something productive at least.

It started with me taking a needle
to two necklaces that had knots
in them. Thanks to reading
glass I was able to see
really well and got the knots

I did run out to Kroger
and got some
Not the fake over the counter
stuff, the real stuff you
have to sign for.
I have plans of knocking
this crap out..

This evening I decided I
needed to have something
to show for this day.
So I went through
my scrap wood.

Pulled out my letter

And my paints.

I got to work. Problem is...
I failed to take in between pics.

So here is how it goes.
I painted the wood a cream color.
Let it dry.
I put the stickers down where
I wanted them. Making sure
all the edges were pushed
down really well.

Then I took a brown paint and
painted over the letters.
Once that is done I took the
letters up. Can't leave
them down to long
cause as the paint dries
it makes taking the letters up.

But when that is done I
know that it is pretty plain.

So I had to add a paw print.

Next I will put a hanger on it to hang
on the porch, or deck or even
just the front door.

What do  you think?
Dakota approves!

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
That's cute (and Dakota approved!)
Anonymous said…
So sorry you are under the weather. I love the sign you made. That is a cute photo of Dakota. We hung our Cat Crossing sign in the yard yesterday.
Sandra said…
I think it is grrrrrrreat... Dakota looks like that is a look of approval to me
Darla M Sands said…
Doing all that when you feel poorly is a testament to your strong spirit. Thanks for the inspiration. Feel better!
Nancy Chan said…
That is a great Dog crossing sign. Dakota likes it and I like it too!
Al said…
Great sign, and you've got such a cute dog!
Rhodesia said…
Love it, you have a great talent. Hope you feel better very soon. Diane
sage and spirit said…
The sign is adorable! And where do you get all the energy and inspiration? Honestly, even on the "no energy" days, you do more than I do in a week!
Red Rose Alley said…
You did a really nice job on this, Pam, and even when you're not feeling well! Love the paw print. And Dakota is the cutest dog.

by the way, my favorite color is Purple too! There's something mysterious and soooo pretty about it.

Jeanie said…
I'm sorry your fibro is kicking up. Does weather affect it? Not fun, to be sure.

Very cute sign -- good for you, going to your creative place when you're not feeling up to par. I hope it took some of the edge off.

I keep forgetting to thank you for your visits to the Gypsy. I'm behind on visiting and posting but hopefully back on schedule soon!

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