Alphabet Challenge P - P is for Purple

The letter today is


and P
is for my fav color

I got bored one winter and
ended up
crocheting and
knitting scarves.

and only two hats.
I was making these on
those round knitting hard on the
tip of my fingers.
My niece loving
purple like her aunt
got this.

I love the dark purple more
so then a lavender type

A close up shot of
my hydrangeas.

Not sure what the original
name is but
here in TN we
call this a spider

Bush at my brothers.
Love it.

This is my kind of
dark purple.

Like fall with all it's reds,
browns and orange colors
spring always brings some
beautiful colors..

and lots of those are the
different verity

These are in the living room
now. I love Kroger
mark down flowers.
They last for weeks!

So today I was out and about cause it was
like 75 degrees, cool breeze and
beautiful skies.....
The storms came in and
I had just entered Lowe's!
I spent a lot of time
just cruising around looking.

Entering the area of the
garden area that was
roofed I took some
purple pics.

And if the live flowers are
not your thing...
try silk.

Okay....time to move on from the

Isn't this beautiful?

I have two of the best sis in laws!
Love them both.
Lori, my oldest brothers
pick for a wife made this
quilt for my color
of course.

But I had to unfold it to
show you this.

Everyone knows I love
my flip flops!

And talking about making
things you know I have
to put my spin on that...

Nail polish on a washer
makes cute

Or purple earrings.

Can't remember the cost on this
but it was more then
I had to give for
my birthstone.
Oh, did I forget to tell that,
fav color and bstone!

Fake purple grapes. 

Found this one at an antique store....

More purple but in a painting on the side
of a piece of furniture.

Pretty in Purple...

Loving the earrings.

And in honor of the bloggers
that are doing tea cup reveal today..

I might love this color but
I don't decorate much with it....I
think that is for fear of over doing it
like I did on this post!

But, I do wear it....OFTEN.
This was made for me. Its an
apron and I love it.

I have MORE....but I will stop.
Hoping you saw some purple that you like,
dark, lighter, different shades.......

Thanks for stopping in.


Cathy Kennedy said…

"P" is for Pam. You share the same name as my sister. :) Anywho, purple is one of my favorite colors. It used to be my #1 pick but these days my preferred color is pink, especially pink & white. I have a heart-shaped amethyst necklace DH got me around the time the movie Titanic released on DVD. The sapphire heart necklace in the movie is what inspired him to get my favorite stone. Isn't he a sweetie? Various variety of purple flowers always grab my eye and are excellent for photographing. I don't wear a lot of purple but when I was a little girl my mom got me a dress that was purple which I loved! I remember going to school wearing it and was labeled the "Purple Girl" by a classmate who didn't know my name. lol Please come by to check out today's post, Art Sketching Through the Alphabet "P" (Princess & Prince)? Happy A2Zing, my pal!
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, I am an Aquarius, too. Great photos! I have to tell you that you spelled it 'pruple' early on. ~snicker~ In bold font. Made me grin. Happy Blogging!
Rhodesia said…
I also like purple, one of my favourite colours but I have not got that mush purple in the way of clothes. Keep well Diane
Sandra said…
I love jewel tones best of all in colors, and I like purple but own none at all. I have one pair of scissors with purple handles. they don't make plus sized clothing in purple. or if they do it is something I would never wear.
Liz A. said…
My mom painted her living room purple. Dark purple. It was great. (She has since moved.)

Those loom thingies... Didn't it come with a pick thing to pull the loops over the pegs? Although, I was also shown a way to use it with a crochet hook.
Ann Thompson said…
I like purple but don't really have much of it either in clothes or things around my house. Love the quilt and the apron

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