Alphabet Challenge M - ME

Today's letter is the


Happy baby ME

Not so happy ME.

I have always loved this photo.
I think it was kindergarten.
Loved that dress that my mom
made and I had a doll that
wore the same dress.

This was taken the day we
had some family pics

haha....skipping years now and
moving on to about 13
or 14 yrs old.

My brothers and I ...
I was 18.
I posted this on facebook
on sibling day this past week.
Was on the phone with my son
that lives in San Diego and
I told him that I posted the
one where I was young and that
I missed the pretty dark hair...
He said, "I just miss hair"!

Jumping ahead more years.

Me as

Me as wicked witch
Me as a gyspy

Me as my normal self.

Me as an old woman.
Take off the makup and I look the same!

Bet you can't guess who I am?

Come on, any guesses?


Okay, I know this one might have been
hard but the shirt above has
peacock feather design on

Does that help?

Yep.....its a family trait.
Make a face when your
pic is taken.

And keep in mind ME,
I see all.

This was just a yr ago.
I am terrible about letting
the hair grow and then
getting it all even,
and then getting it cut.

This is ME before surgery.

2 months later!

Thanks for stopping in,




How nice to follow you through the years.
Rhodesia said…
What a great post seeing you through the years. A fun post as well. Diane
Al said…
Nice shots of you through the years!
Sandra said…
I loved seeing you down through all the years.. Me for M and M for Me is a big hit to Me.. good job on the M...
Ann said…
How fun seeing all your pictures through the years. You look like you would be a very fun person to be around :)
S. J. Qualls said…
You're fortunate to have that many photos through the years. Great pictures!
Liz A. said…
What a great journey through the years.

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