Alphabet Challenge - E is for Earrings

My daddy was in the Navy
for 22 years.

While he was in the service
he was shipped to Japan.

While there he purchased a
couple pair of earrings for
my mom.

A few years ago my mom
past those on to me.
Of course they were the screw
on type and me having
pierced ears I could not
wear them. But all
I had to do was put some
pierced replacements in.

But being who I am, I could
not wear earrings without
a matching necklace to go with
them. haha..
So off to my favorite store,
Hobby Lobby!
The best match I could come
up with was this.
But I love it.
Love my earrings that dad
brought back for mom almost
60 years ago.

E- for earrings!

Thanks for stopping in,


Mildred said…
Such special earrings! I know you treasure them. I am enjoying your alphabet challenge.
S. J. Qualls said…
NICE! I have often pondered how to turn some of my vintage screw-on earrings into pierced earrings. (They do not have drops)
Awe, what a sweet keepsake for you Pam with the lovely earrings. You matched up the necklace quite well girl. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Denise :) said…
What fun, that you could convert them and have a special treasure from your dad's days in the service! And to come up with a matching necklace is a happy bonus! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog ... did you know you're a no-reply blogger? Some people make that choice, but some are unaware. :)
They're pretty. I didn't know you cold change them from screw-on to pierced until I read this.
Darla M Sands said…
Nice! My Dad brought back nearly matching necklaces from Egypt for Mom and me (mine was prettier, but smaller) after a business trip decades ago. Sad to say, mine disappeared on a rare bar hopping trip with coworkers. ~sigh~ There was no way to guess where I lost it. And I doubted the goodness of humankind enough to make the attempt at backtracking.
Sally said…
Such a lovely combination; you did good!

We've got Mom's jewelry box, most of which is costume jewelry and the earrings are much too large to make new again. I love your idea though!

Have a wonderful day!

Rhodesia said…
Well done you have made a good match. I was so sad the other day my favourite earrings that were my Mums, I lost one while in town :-((
Have a good day Diane
Liz A. said…
They're cute. And the history can't be beat.
What a treasure, Pam and you made a good match with the earrings! xx Karen
Debbie said…
beautiful keepsakes and a great story!!!

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