Adding to the Garden

Today I had a couple of
things that I needed to plant.
While out doing that I
noticed that I have an
iris about to bloom.

I had some spearmint I picked
up when I was at Kroger
that needed to go in the ground...
in this case it went in a pot.

I also picked up the spoon
stamped MINT at the
Creative Artist Store
in my area.
Went by there today to
pick up my stuff since they
are closing.

Also got this one for my

I had this cute little blue bird
that I had put up in the shed.

I went digging in the shed...
I had to put out my gnome!

Had some wandering jute that
broke off one of moms plants
last yr. It has been routing in
my kitchen all this time.

Can you see the carpenter bee. They
come this time every year
for about 20 years.
Hard to catch them in flight.
Spiderwort about to bloom.

One of my windchimes

Forgot I had this in the shed. It
is in the garden now.
And if I keep adding to
the garden along side the
shed I will need to make it

Another chime I have had for

Every garden needs a lizard!
Even if it is a plastic one.

Totally love my frog!

I picked up this metal bowl/dish on
a stand and forgot about it
also. Found it in the shed stacked
with all this other stuff.

Love hummingbirds

Thinking this ground cover is
not going to grow up my
baby bed spring treills
but I have a plant I have to
plant that will be amazing.

Finishing up pics on the deck!

Thanks for stopping in,


Sally said…
Oh, you make me want to get moving in the direction of spring! Unfortunately, I found today while raking leaves the grasshoppers are back; they little now but it won't be long until they're huge. They love to chew on the leaves of plants including roses. I learned on go*gle to sprinkle flour around the yard. Not real inclined to believe that, but will definitely give it a shot. It seems they like to visit us about every other year. :(

Take care, Pam.
God bless.
Mildred said…
You have some lovely plants and garden decor. I enjoyed the tour. Those spoons are fun. We have carpenter bees buzzing around our deck; it drives me crazy!
Happy Easter.
Ann said…
Looks like your garden is really coming alive and all ready for the summer. Have a happy Easter
Sandra said…
your garden is all dressed up and ready for spring. what a great idea to mark the plants with spoons.. recycling old spoons and useful to... I did see the bee
Darla M Sands said…
Sorry about the store closing. Nice photos!
Debbie said…
i think i am happiest, when i am in my garden!! you have lot's coming, lot's to look forward to. i like your spoons, they make perfect plant markers!!

happy easter - happy spring!!!
Al said…
Nice garden - at my altitude it's hard to get things to grow, and I'm not good at it anyway.
Jeanie said…
Your garden is coming to life and it looks terrific! Good for you! have a wonderful weekend!
Rhodesia said…
We have dozens of lizards in our garden and I just love them even if they are a bit shy. Such fun planting in spring, have a great day Diane
Liz A. said…
Impressive bee pic.
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, I like all your garden goodies, especially that hummingbird. It is a special bird for me too, Pam. That frog and blue bird are so cute. I can hear your wind chimes from here, love those.

Granny Marigold said…
You have a lovely garden with lots of great ideas. I really like the brightly painted birdhouse. And the lizard... as long as it's a plastic lizard and not a live one!

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