The Table Runner

Hello today....

The other night I was digging around in 
some of my craft stuff and decided it
was way past time to finish something.

I started this table runner many, many, many....
shall I go on?
Years ago!
Probably late 80's.

I had gotten a lot done on it. Basically all
I had to do was the ribbon going all around.
I had done the better part of it then stopped.

I used JP Coats thread to begin with and now
I have DMC. So I matched as close as I could.
No one will be able to tell.

And I finished it up!

Now can you see a difference?

But, I am not a white sort of person. I
prefer cream, off white or beige sort of
So a brain storm took over.


Dip the runner in it and let it sit
a bit.

Not so white now and I am good with that.
Only thing, I have to iron it now!
Always something.....haha

I feel good about getting this done. I also ran across a
Christmas place mat I started about 15 yrs. ago, cross stitch. I
pretty much had it done and STOPPED! So I plan on

finishing that also.

And also on that list....when my daughter was a baby, and she
turned 36 in Dec. I started Aunt Martha iron on of the
state flowers. My thoughts were to do them in blocks
and have them quilted with a solid color for a bedspread.
I still have them and I plan on working on those
also. Thanks to my lovely sis in law, who is a
quilter, she said she would take control of
the quilting part!

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Congrats on getting old projects out of moth balls. It's always nice to get those done. And I love the tea stain.
Your work is lovely! Doesn't it feel good to complete a long-delayed project?

I did a lot of cross-stitch in the early to mid 1990s too. I haven't done any now for about 20 years but I still have my supplies, books and projects I still intend to do . . . SOME DAY! Maybe when I retire.

Thanks for popping by my blog today!
Rhodesia said…
That reminds me....... Yes I have some sewing and some paintings that need finishing off. I seem to never have enough time but I really must make time!!!
You have done a great job here and I like the colour change. Well done Diane
Darla M Sands said…
I once took an old semi tractor trailer model unfinished from childhood and completed it. Then I threw the ugly plastic thing away. ~grin~ My youthful painting skills were even worse than now. My partner was sad I binned it. I was just glad for the sense of completion.
Mildred said…
Love the tablerunner and the tea dye wash you gave it! Always nice to finish a project.
S. J. Qualls said…
I have a few old projects, lying in the dust somewhere. I should hunt them down and make some space. I know I will never finish. Good that you are able to finish things up. I used to love table runners and dresser scarves.
Sandra said…
so beautiful. my mother used to make these runners, she had them on every dresser and chest of drawers. all surfaces were covered by doilies and runners, backs of chairs and sofa...
Betsy Adams said…
Gorgeous--and I love the 'new' color... I'm not a lover of white either....

One of my creative friends loves to start projects --but never seems to finish anything.... I never understood that ---but maybe, like you, she'll find an unfinished project sometime, and then enjoy completing it.

sage and spirit said…
Isn't it a great feeling to finish up an old project! (I know I could take my own advice here....)
Nice job on the tea dye.I've used the same method to age fabrics.
Projects like these are the perfect thing to hand down to kids/grandkids. My grandmother embroidered dresser scarves and pillowcases and I am so thankful to have some of them for my own house.
Red Rose Alley said…
Your table runner turned out lovely. I like all the colors you used. I think cross stitching is such a talent. I'd like to see the Christmas project when it's finished.


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