Photos of the Past - Abby's Wedding

Hello all..

I started out posting
photos of the day but
decided since I am
not actually shooting
like I was in the 
past I decided they 
needed to be called
Photos of the Past!

Yes, I am a photographer
but I did not study photography.
I have always had a camera.
But in 2008 I picked
up my first professional
camera (for a hobby)
and in 3 months I was 
asked to shoot my 
first wedding.
In that time I have 
done about 10 to 12
weddings. I have
recently stopped that
due to the stress of 
that kind of shoot.

But along with weddings
I have done senior photo's (school),
photos for the airport, chiropractor
website and brochure, a care
givers website and brochure,
and even a home that
was broken into!

Due to my health I have
backed off all of
that recently. 

here are some 
from my past!

This is Abby and Davids
wedding. I worked
with Abby's grandfather
and I drove all the way
to Columbus Miss.
to shoot this wedding. 

This is Abby and her step mom

This is Abby and Abbey. I posted photos
of Abbey yesterday. They are 1/2 sisters.

Abby and David.

I posted the below pic
the other day but
it is my fav!
I think it is so

The wedding took place in 2011
and David and Abby are 
happily married with 
a lovely little boy.

Thank you for stopping in, 


Sandra said…
for 7 years I was a volunteer at a nursing home, and part of that was documenting with photos all the activities and dances. I have several thousand photos from that time. I loved it, but when people asked me to do parties or weddings I said no because of that stress you mentioned. doing as a volunteer no one could complain if something went wrong, being paid was another whole ball game. I did do one wedding for free, they were two mentally handicapped people in our church. I had a blast and I made a brides book for them.
Liz A. said…
Oooh, that last one. Oooh...
Denise inVA said…
Oh wow, you really took the most amazing photos and they must have been very, very happy with these. Loved looking at these, thanks for sharing them.
S. J. Qualls said…
Beautiful bride - lovely couple!
Debbie said…
i find your images to be professional but light, airy, soft and beautiful!! such a big responsibility to take on, you should be very proud of what you presented them with. i'm also sure they were very happy as well!!!
Debbie said…
you do not have to publish this comment but i just wanted to suggest that maybe you should make your images larger. they are so beautiful and you know bigger is always better!!
Darla M Sands said…
I'm so impressed by your many talents.
Rhodesia said…
All stunning photos, you are a very talented lady. Diane
sage and spirit said…
Honestly, wedding photography must be in your blood. I know you have stopped at this point, but you have a great portfolio of work to look back on!
Jeanie said…
Totally beautiful. You really know how to capture the majesty and love of a wedding. Very nice!

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