The other day I posted

Today I added to it by rounding
up all my ....

I have enough I think!

I wanted to organize my screws so
I made a run to Walmart.
This is what I wanted.

Got it home and it is going back.
Used to when you bought
these the dividers were
single with a rubber band
around them.

In this one , you have to take them

But in doing that it leaves a small
piece of hard plastic making it
really hard to slide them
into the grooves they
go in.

But since I wanted to work on it tonight
I decided to use this.
I bought this years ago for
my ex. It came with screws in it.
Somehow I ended up with it and
now I have added to it to work
for me.

This is what I ran into when
cleaning out the SUV of
tool boxes.

Still working on the above mess but
the screws, nuts and
washers have found a home...

Until tomorrow.
I will be making a trip to
Hobby Lobby to find the correct
trays with the single pieces
to slide in place.

I rather have it where I can
just open a top and view
down on what I need.

The drawers stick on the other
piece and I can't really see
what is in the drawers.
like I said, I bought it years ago
when I was married. I have
been divorced 25 years,
NO wonder the drawers stick!

Thanks for stopping in,


Sandra said…
wow,you are on an organizing roll... keep on with it, I love organizers
Mildred said…
My late father and my husband have always had lots of tools, screws etc. You are doing a great job of organizing. It's amazing how much stuff we have, if it is all in one place!
Debbie said…
we are cut from the same cloth!! this is right up my alley!!
Darla M Sands said…
I wish I could hire you. ~grin~ Much of my house is in a state of disaster.
Liz A. said…
Looks like you're making good progress.

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