Livingroom Walls

Morning all!

Need to be up cleaning but
the blog was calling my name

If you have been following me
for a while you know that
I LOVE things on my wall.

I pretty much cover any
vacant spot.

In another blog I showed
this gallery over my

This is on the wall next to the
front door.

On the wall that faces
the couch is my secretary.
My older brother gave me
this piece.

To one side of the secretary is a painting
I did several years ago.

On the other side of the piece is
a frame my mom made
up and gave me years
ago. Pics of me as a baby
and small child.

The next wall holds my TV.
And what hangs above it.
The dogwood pic
was given to me 9 years
ago when I left Photo Services
with the State of Tn. and
went to work for the TBI.

Next to it I have a shelve that holds
a fake old camera and an
antique card. That was given
to me by an old boss when
I worked in Printing for the
State of TN.
That was in the late

In the corner I have my plant
stand. In a couple of months
these will be moved outside.

The picture hanging next to the
plant stand is a print of
a painting I did a few years

Here is the actual pic of the painting.
One of my favs.

And over behind the door. I have
this arrangement.

On top of the window you will
see the strap wood bunny I painted
along with the J.
The Christmas card I
painted this past year. 

This is the painting of the
Christmas card.
I paint on a flat board,
I scan it then and make it
into a card.


This is how it looked when
I made it into a card.

I take it on disc to Walgreens
and I have prints made.
That becomes my card.

Also above the window
there is a sign that
"This house is blessed
by love and laughter."

Hanging to the side of the
window is the "J"
I made for my daughter.

That concludes the livingroom

Thanks for stopping in,


Sandra said…
you are very talented with your painting and also creative. one thing I see in all your treasures that I really like and would hang on my wall, is the old window wall hanger. love it
Debbie said…
your gallery wall is gorgeous, well balance with complimenting shapes. i do the same thing - i use mostly my pictures but i do love the items you have incorporated. that's a great christmas card!!!
S. J. Qualls said…
It does look like you've covered everything. Cute Christmas card idea!
Darla M Sands said…
Very nice. You're so imaginative.

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