Hoppy Easter Door Decoration

A couple of years ago my
mom got a wooden
basket at a yard sale.
She brought it to me
and I stored it in my craftroom.

Trying to clear things out
of the craftroom I
decided it needed to go...
and I knew how.

I broke it apart!!

The ends were shaped like
hearts and I used them
for Valentine
door decorations.

I made this one for
my friend Debbie.

And this one for me.

But what would I do with the

Some of them I put
together like this.

Flip side makes a great
blank canvas for
painting on.

My Hoppy Easter
Door Decoration!

How cute is that?


S. J. Qualls said…
That's very cute! What a great idea!
Sandra said…
you are so creative and talented. to even think of these things, but then to be able to paint on them, I am a tad jealous
Benita Roberts said…
That is pretty darn creative! I never think of things like this and end up selling stuff or tossing it! Wish I could get my brain in a more creative gear! I love it...that is just too cute!!

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