Dakota and Cottage Cheese

Who likes cottage

I do and apparently
so does Dakota!
I always have
to save him some
when I eat
my cottage cheese.

Check out the white
on the side of
his nose!

This is my handsome
boy when he
does not have
his nose down
in a container
of cottage

Dakota is my bud.
He stays with me through
thick and thin.
He stays right with
me when I am sick or
not feeling well.
So...sure, I will share
my cottage cheese with
him! haha.

Thanks for stopping in,



Darla M Sands said…
Adorable! Cottage cheese and/or yogurt are supposedly good for cats and dogs. Apparently the processing renders dairy digestible. We buy expensive Fage high protein yogurt for cats Tilly and Jezebel. It's the highlight of their day.
Liz A. said…
Well, someone's got to eat it ;)
Debbie said…
oooh what a cutie!! i gag when i eat cottage cheese, i don't know why - something about the texture!!!

i have been wanting a puppy for several years and have not gotten one. i guess i don't want the responsibility!!!
sage and spirit said…
Your Dakota does look a little like my Lucky. He certainly is a handsome man and a little cottage cheese never hurt anyone! My dogs love it too!
Sandra said…
he looks so cute with his nose in the cup.. Jake loves cottage cheese to and always gets to lick the container of anything we buy.. he also cleans our plates I pre rinse. the only thing jake doesn't eat is grapes and raw carrots or cucumbers.

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